Siglo Pilipino: Symbolic of our cooperation and success

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Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill New Jersey  |  August 25, 2012

By: Gloria Pineda   |   SIGLO Pilipino was beyond expectation. Attendees exceeded what was expected. All FECGP member associations recognized for their community service were represented. A plaque of of “Community service” recognition award was presented to the recipients by Mrs. Hermie Aczon, FECGP President.I have to give it to the Medical member organization presidents for their perfect attendance.
Three member association presidents declined recognition and participation in the event to the dismay of their “unaware”members who were in attendance anticipating their group to be also in the limelight of recognition. They were instructed to check with their respective presidents for an explanation.

President Jose Chatto, M.D. of CAUSA accepting his organization’s Recognition Award from Pres. Hermie Aczon with Elgene Morales.

Each association recipient proudly accepted their “Community Service ” award and were given a brief time to share a few words about their association and its community service projects. The ambiance was one of community and celebration applauding at each organization’s community service projects and accomplishments.
The MUTYA dancers performed a beautiful folkdance for intermission; Deputy Con-Gen Tess De Vega was the keynote speaker. The program ended with the powerful rendition of “Ako ay Pilipino” by Aileen Inocian (IBC) and “We are the World” during which time the audience and officers all went upstage and joined in the singing. Those in the audience stood up and sang as well and with the centerpiece votive candle in their hands started waving it in the air. Standing in the front and watching, it was a beautiful sight.
The rest of the night was dancing the cha cha, ballroom, line dancing, waltz, twist…It was a fun night. FECGP is very much alive! I say this because with barely a month to prepare, we did it.
SIGLO was a hit. My hat off to the people behind the preparation…with a definitive SIGLO plan on the table, the people behind worked in synchronized fashion, “fast and furious” to make it in time and they did inspite of multiple mishaps in the process.
The group was excited to see the community turnout… and see how they appreciated the physical setup of the venue. That gave the group satisfaction for that’s what mattered the most.
The 100 Isang Siglo marquee was a big hit for photo-ops. The event turnout at such short notice showed that the community recognizes the leadership and the continuity of FECGP as our umbrella organization. In short FECGP is our our own Fil-Am Community.
Cheers to our community and Mabuhay tayong lahat! May God continue to bless us as a community and guide our leaders for another 100 years.


4 thoughts on “Siglo Pilipino: Symbolic of our cooperation and success

    • Freddy, you always comes up with fantastic theme idea of various events. We are so excited being part of the Team. With Hermie’s energy and everybody so supportive it’s sure was a team work and turned out to be a huge success. The Filipino community is going strong in the Delaware Valley because of the Bataan Monument immediate repair and maintenance. It is a very evident, tangible project of Siglo Pilipino and the FECGP, Inc and member organizations. Mabuhay tayong lahat!


  1. Glo and Lucy do not forget to click FOLLOW and fill up your email address. I do not see your faces in our “Community”. Look at the buttom of the pages. Thanks.


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