Leadership Training Seminar at Drexel U

hermie mar 14

Another first in our Councli is the Leadership Training Semianr held at Drexel University, Stratton Hall last March 9. This training is the brainchild of our Philippine Consulate in New York and surely benefited the many participants that have enlisted to attend. Drexel University is on the West side of the City, not from from where the old U.S. Postal Service originally at the 30th Station.President Hermie Aczon personally welcomed all the participants some them arriving early to avail of closer seats to the front.

      The Leadership Training Seminar was conducted by the Philippine Consulate General New York and co-sponsored by the FECGP was a real success. The program started a little late but it was smooth. Deputy Consul General Tess de Vega opened the program and greeted the attendees and introduced the Speakers. They are: Consul General Mario de Leon, Mayor Guillermo Udarde, MD., of Ridgway, PA; Michelle Fatima S. Sanchez, Special Trade Representative, PTIC-NY; Dr. Jean Lobell, Managing Director for Consulting, CRE; and JTS Mallonga, Esq. FALDEF; Marie Aunio, CPA, Special Assistant to the President, FALDEF; Maria Aseron Ramos, Certified Meeting Planner; Theresa Dizon-de Vega, Deputy Consul General, NY; Joselito Mecua, Protocol Officer, PCGNY and Anthony Luna, Pearl S. Buck Foundation.

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