Are we really that connected and productive?

Editorial  > By: Freddy Panes | This week, I will dwell on the subject of social media. And let me start with major changes I did on how this new phenomenon made its impact on me. I have 428 friends according to my FB and as I am writing this I just “unfriended” 206 of my so called “FB friends”. Now my reading through the posts is much easier. No wasted time going over some really useless posts.
No offense meant but who are they? How did I got 428 friends in the first place? How FB does that still boggles my mind and for some they can explain how it is in full details. I was once listening to a guy who explained how they do it. For me it is too complex I juts let it slide and dealt with the situation my way.

      There are some 1.3 billion computers that are connected on line and in such a short time the world became actually a “global village” a happy term for those living in “Hillaryland”. But how deep is that connection?

When I moved to lived in the U.S. some 20 years ago I always looked forward to going home open my mailbox and there it is: a letter from my brother or sister. Although we are halfway the world apart, it seemed to me at that time they are that closer and it warms my heart to read their letters.
Today letter-writing seem like a thing of the past; but then I find myself in rare occasions sitting down and actually writing with a fountain pen on a stationery, writing to a friend.  It is this aspect of a very deep friendly relationship that was totally dislodged by social media. I like the times I spent refilling my fountain pen with Quink.
When my son was 6 years old, he asked my how does the mail system work? I explained to him slowly and in detail and that started our father-son letter writing chapter in our lives. He would always start: “Dear Papa” written in some cute stationeries that I bought for him. We also went to the U.S. Postal Office and I stood behind him as he asked the postal worker to buy some stamps. I would write back to him and he would call me in the office and tell me “Papa thank you for your letter.”  That was lost when he started to familiarize himself with email at about 7.
According to the Raider Education website: “Social Media doesn’t have educational value. Social Media doesn’t belong in schools. Social Media is a preemptive strike by aliens to weaken our society & destroy the minds of our children.” 
Even in cities, small towns and villages around the world people wake up and find the children gone from home only to know they are in internet cafes.  Children today and yoiung people spend more time on social media and online videos than watching TV or even listening to their parents.  I think the whole social media is part of a global conspiracy or as Raider Education said a “preemptive strike by aliens to weaken our society & destroy the minds of our children.”
In the U.S. alone we lost millions of man hours of company time from employees who are at work and spending time on social media. That is about an hour per shift lost because of one type of social media unto another.
Not everybody says so: social media is actually benefitting us. Jeff Bullas on his website declares this: If you take a closer look then the benefits seem to outweigh the disadvantages. Here are some of the upsides to social media:

  • 18% of people 50-64 years old use it to connect with others who have similar hobbies
  • 17% use it to find “love”
  • 50% use it to reconnect with old friends
  • It is a source of entertainment as 250 million photos are uploaded  every day and there are 100 million videos to watch
  • 41% of the class of 2011 used it to look for a job

Do you think social media is waste of time?  Does it really help us. Are we productive than before. Are we really connected?  By the way, I don’t have LinkedIn, I close my Twitter account and I don’t have Tumbler. My Pinterest page I haven’t visited in 6 months. I guess they shut it down, but I am so happy I cut my FB friends by half! Let me hear from you. _ Freddy


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One thought on “Are we really that connected and productive?

  1. Thanks to all of you who emailed me. Indeed our lives have changed. Back in the 70s when we were attending college we were all told by social scientists and our books and television that our lives will be simpler, better and we will have enough time in our hands to spend for family and other pursuits because computers will take over. How wrong they were! Our lives became so complex that we work even until the night, preparing ahead and working 5 steps ahead so we can keep up with the daily demands. Alvin Toffler must be rolling in his grave; remember the bestseller at that time “Future Shock”?


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