Has Technology Really Changed Us?

By: Freddy Panes | Around the world, we hear of changes in the lives of people especially on how technology impacted us in one way or another.  I like to hear stories from our Kababayans going back to the U.S. with many interesting stories about how our country, the Philippines have changed in the last 10 years.
Ten years is not much but the change has impacted many of our people; some in good ways and some in not-so-good-ways. With the rise of urban development and sprouling buildings; even small towns and cities were not immuned to changes especially in the changing landscape.
There are now malls and strip malls in major towns and cities even in outlaying islands. And people congregate in these places every weekends; but have become the watering holes for professionals and students alike, With it also comes criminality associated with the rise in income and expansion of business establishments. Church Mass in some big malls are now a regular feature every Sunday. Welcome to the new world of “pray and spend!”
Looking at the photo shared to us this week by Teddy Alejandria, it brings back the same images as when I left the Philippines in 1990. But transportation it seems did not improved much especially in areas that are serviced by the same jeepney routes into the provinces. Air travel have improved with modern airport terminals even in faraway islands getting good reviews from travelers as you read the travel blogs. We rank one of the top ten in ship sinkings because our ship and ferry service are unregulated so that overloading is just the right recipe for a disaster when typhoons hit those ships at sea.
One good aspect of the impact of technology it seems to me had been on social media; where were are daily entertained by different versions and opinions on the Pork Barrel snafu that went globally in just a day after it went public. Big names were shamed. Ordinary people making really blunt comments. Some people have suggested resignations and even hanging of these criminals. All these are happening because of social media.
It must be a global thing as it happened in the so-called “Arab Spring” as repressive regimes like those in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt were spawned by the awareness of their peoples via social media.
The one aspect to me that is most depressing though is the amount of time wasted by most young people on social media especially in a country like hours where having an internet connection is still considered a luxury. What I mean by that it it takes more then Ph10,000 to have a high speed internet connected into your home so that you can have internet and online access 24/7.  That is why most young people hang around or spend their time most on internet cafes and malls where they have free wi-fi if ever they have smart phones.
This global phenomenon has become an epidemic that defines our new attitudes and outlook as we all face a very challenging future.  For us here in the U.S. and those Pinoys living in advance countries of the world, internet access is just the order of the day.
Our electronic connectivity have reduced our “longing for one another” and the have changed even our attitude even among families as “casual acquaintances as we daily engage in a non-stop posting, poking, messaging and chatting as we do on social media.
Do we use it to advance our workload or stay on top of our schedules? Are we OK with our to-do-list on a day-to-day basis? Where are you on this level?
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