A Fulfilling Life


By: Ferdie Luyun | Editorial | As amazing as it seems, Fall is here again with the beauty of different foliage colors scattered around in our midst. As we accept this season change, life remains beautiful as ever. We offer our thanksgiving to our Maker for giving us another chance of fulfilling our dreams once more. There are special gifts to we have received for 2013…the gift of prosperity, peace and harmony and most of all, the gifts of love and good health. Better opportunities are in the horizon and all we have to do are to act and grab them. Today, we as we experience and acknowledge all the financial hardships that are in the hearts of many, we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.. To be rich in mind, body and spirit, we have to take ownership of our God given talents with the dreams that we are to achieve. From my learning experience, one way to do this, is to be deliberate and be focused about what you desire to accomplish in order keep you tuned in and turned on and keep you in the zone as you try to set your goals in life. However, creating a rich fulfilling life is not certain and complete without a spiritual foundation

While many of us enjoy life the way it is meant to be, we can still see in our surroundings the darkness of poverty and hardship that is affecting many of our brothers and sisters. The calamities of nature has destroyed and created so much havoc. Properties and lives are lost with physical injuries in the thousands. Yet, those who are affected have shown so much courage and a magnified hope with smiling faces with the belief that our Creator is watching over them. They look happy in spite of these tragedies. The human body can be broken into many parts but the human spirit remains untouched. It is the shining star that guides us to a better place

Most of us enjoy many of life’s offerings. Some have humongous houses and drive expensive cars, motorcycles, private yachts and even jet planes while some of us can spend only according to our financial limitations. Being active, aside from our individual work, we go on vacation and tours, love ballroom dancing, sometimes form associations inexplicably, attend meetings and social events. We continue to live healthy personal lives and happy healing relationships with others in the ways that are in the highest and best.

Having children who are living to their fullest potential, to me, is the ultimate essence of a rich life. And the thing that makes me feel fulfill an abundant life is making a connection with God before anything else, asking what we are here for and moving forward to do what is exactly in front of us. . . helping others, caring for and sharing what we have with our needy brothers and sisters whoever they are and wherever they maybe….will give us a satisfying and fulfilled life. This is what life is all about.

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.”  – Pope John Paul II

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One thought on “A Fulfilling Life

  1. Ferdie, one of the best editorial you ever written. Makes us all fell that there are so many things to be grateful for and we can count our many blessings!


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