Cooperation and Understanding

By: Ferdie Luyun |  For the past few days, the media in both visual and audio modes, have bombarded the whole nation and echoed around the world about this demoralizing “shutdown” of this government. A mere disagreement of both major political parties on funding an alleged expensive and unproven health care law has resulted in this unconscionable action. As a consequence, most agencies are closed although by law, certain agencies are allowed to operate with unsalaried employees.

Families and other employees suffering financially from lost salaries and other benefits essential for daily living. Everyone including farmers also can’t apply for new loans or receive some government checks. Is this what we call “democracy in action” or a financial standoff or showoff between two unrelenting parties that need to put their emotions in the closet and use their brains together instead, to resolve the issue or issues involved.? They should try to be good shepherds, try to be true to their calling and try to handle their disputes with wisdom.

What might this “shutdown” mean for you, your family and for the public?. Personally, it is sapping my confidence in the way this present government officials are running the show. I hope this showdown will end sooner to bring back harmony and peace in this already chaotic world.

Oh, this issue of lack of cooperation and understanding, can have a ripple effect in our community “government” which we call FECGP if we continue to identify with our personal grudges, egotistic attitudes, etc. and not for the common good of our community.

Fortunately, FECGP is flourishing and shining brightly today. Cooperation among member organizations are at their highest level in years. I commend President Hermie Aczon and all the officers who are running our Council for their unending energy in establishing a well-managed organizational entity.

Hopefully, no” shutdowns” will occur in our community in the days to come.

‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”….Benjamin Franklin  

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