The Joy of Celebrating and Giving

The Joy of Celebrating and Giving

(A Google Photo by Rakhi Bansal)  | By: Freddy Panes | How quickly summer went by!  And now that Fall is here and the anticipation of Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner, everybody especially the kids are on a panic mode to celebrate Halloween. It is the 4th of July for kids: their costumes tops the list and other accessories; while parents are buying pumpkins to decorate their steps and spray cobwebs into their evergreens and porches.     Such are our lives in this great United States. We quickly adapt to the country’s traditions and acclimate ourselves into becoming and acting like true-blue Americans. Unlike our kids that quickly gets to become just like any cool dude or gal in school and at work; we are a bit more rooted to our traditions. That isn’t bad at all but as we stay longer and the distance of home is a physical reality, we succumb to the incessant call to the culture of our adopted country.

We wave the flag, we celebrate the 4th with tailgate parties, barbecue and Halloween seems like almost native to us! We attend parties dressed to the prim and mind you, out there there are a million designs to choose from and all the blings you can imagine.

Come Thanksgiving we think of all the ways to prepare the bird.  I dont wan’t to be the turkey on Thanksgiving Day!  I think its dreadful to think of that special day if you are one. But that’s the only big item on the first ThanksgivingDay celebrated on new soil when the Puritans came upon this country. I don’t know if they have pastures or cows but the Indians never domesticate animals except hunt them when they need them. So the turkey became the meat of choice and those unlucky birds became the symbol even up to now!

How many of you were so good at preparing and cooking the bird? How many were unlucky to burn it? Ha ha! A friend told me that their first Thanksgiving was not a good one after the bird was burnt in the oven they have to go out to have dinner. But there are so many I am sure they hit it right the first time!

As we celebrate the many events in our lives let us always be thankful for all the good things that happened to us coming into this country.  We cannot even count our blessings; but let us have a grateful heart. Our children have grown up and started their own families and how we enjoy the grandchildren.  And there will be more holidays to come, more opportunities to reach out and help others.

Attending the recent AARP event with the President, we learned that there are a lot of starving seniors and families that have a hard time to get by. It is hard to be homeless much more become a senior without any help.

Let us open our hearts to the upcoming Christmas Basket Campaign. We had a successful one last year.  Maybe we can even double that this time. It is also timely to identify families around you, maybe they are not Filipinos like us; but gratefulness and compassion knows no racial boundary. Let’s do it and let’s double it this time. The President is calling on member associations to support the Christmas Basket campaign.  We are Filipinos and our hearts are always grateful and giving. Have a nice weekend!

The apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 9:7) tells us “Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

How to help a homeless person. Click to Link


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