Tradition of Community Service runs through family

faabci fund raiser

Rhodesa “Apple” Abarintos-Seda spearheaded a fund-raiser together with the Filipino American Association of Bucks County at the Marian Center in Bensalem, PA. Immediately after the horrific typhoon struck the Philippines, she sprang into action and started putting things together with the help of friends and FAABCI. Some 150 people attended the event and the while event raised some $11,000.
“It could have been my family,” said Seda, whose loved ones, including her 94-year-old grandmother, still live in the Philippines. “I can’t imagine what these people are going through. The amount of loss.” A full article of her story appeared on the Bensalem Patch.  Click here.
Apple is the eldest daughter of the late Rudy Abarintos who served as president of FAABCI and also as Vice President of the FECGP during his term. The whole event was a wonderful time for friends and guests to meet one another with compassion on top of the list.

faabci shot

Photos by FAABCI FB


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