Asian Journal/PACCAL unveils Top Ten Influential Women Tri-State

PACCAL Newspaper copy

By: Bobby Yalong, The Asian Journal  Today’s social set-up has considered women’s equality and noteworthy roles vital in forming the solid foundation of society. The current breed of women has gradually established their notable participations and enduring accomplishments that leave lasting impressions and incredible marks.

PACCAL pa group

The Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc. (PACCAL) has been consistently known for annually recognizing and honoring deserving Filipino-Americans who have been successful in their chosen fields while simultaneously rendering selfless community service. These outstanding individuals also stand tall as worth-emulating figures of the young generation and those who walk behind.

After a thorough screening and keen analysis by the reliable members of PACCAL Screening Committee, the meticulous process resulted to an honorable crop of distinguished and reputable women who are undoubtedly the best exponents in their field. Vouched to compose the elite roster of the 2014 Influential Women of the Tri-state Area, these impressive ladies could be aptly tagged The Iron Butterflies in silk cocoons simply because of their seemingly masculine-driven determination cushioned with cotton-soft appeal.

Although there’s actually no need of farther introduction, we deem it but only right and proper to present them with the briefest lines that best describe their enviable status and incomparable achievements.

Nena Lozada-Smith sociably fashionable with respectable deportment, this amiable lady is a prominently established community leader, a well-recognized Philanthropist of New York City and the brain behind Philippine Hearts and Hopes Society, Inc. (PHHOSO), a charity-oriented foundation committed to helping less fortunate people in the Philippines. Unmistakably, her name has already been synonymously associated with “fundraising for a worthy cause.”

Hermie Aczon always active, Hermie raised the highest calamity support in the Philadelphia area with support from member associations; with over $42,000 for victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. She has once again capably managed to spearhead ambitious projects with the support of the majority of the Federation (FECGP) while embracing the long proven adage that the pen is mightier than the sword, aside from being the President of the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia, Inc. and Manager of Aczon Aczon Medical Office, Hermie is also a prolific writer who edits the official website of FECGP and consistently the major mover in various projects for her community’s advancement.

Cora Reyes unquestionably one of the most indefatigable community leaders around who never fails to impress her colleagues with her handful of worthy projects and fundraising events. Despite being occupied with her job, this amazing lady with enormous amount of zest and spirited energy lives up far beyond her peers’ expectations. Armed with an innately strong persuasive power and keen foresight in project planning, Cora’s every fundraising event was met with tremendous success.  A fashion plate herself, Cora’s impeccable fashion taste and stylish demeanor consistently command a second look.

Linda Rupel – a prolific educator, resource speaker, worth-emulating community leader, a multi-awarded and well-recognized community icon, Linda relentlessly enjoys a pastime career on stage and performing arts. Her creative passion never ceases to fade just as her being a seasoned fashionista. Aside from being President of PWUAA, an active advocate and supporter of the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) which helps increase awareness and eradicate domestic violence against women, Linda also serves as the Technical Services Librarian of a UK-based law firm and successfully spearheaded the establishment of 14 NEDA regional libraries.

Dr. Dolly Rivera compassionate, philanthropic, and service-oriented, this medical practitioner who just recently emerged into the Fil-Am community has enormously established a distinct reputation and respectable status via her enumerable involvements in fundraising and charitable events without neglecting her annual medical mission to various disaster-affected areas in the Philippines. Dr. Dolly, not to forget, is also one of the favorite live mannequins of fashion designers.

Remedios Fe F. Cabactulan – a born leader ably armed with unquestionable integrity and wit, this highly educated wife of the Philippine Ambassador to the United Nation was formerly the coordinator cum facilitator that organized “Women for Women” — the Asia-Pacific International Fashion and Cultural Show participated in by 47 countries and currently the President of the United Nations Delegations Women’s Club.

Aida Bartolome a true exponent and patroness of Filipino arts and literature, this unassuming lady typifies the hard working soul away from the limelight. The founder of The Foundation for Filipino Artists, Inc., Aida has successfully promoted performing and visual arts while simultaneously interacted and raised cultural awareness in various ethnic and Fil-American communities and not to forget, the rousing success of the NY presentation of the immortal play, Noli Mi Tangere.

These are the distinguished women of today who are born leaders that are innately gifted with a well-driven sense of responsibility and compassion, coupled with dazzling knowledgeability about their community while magnanimously utilizing their keen vision for change and advancement.

They are today’s women with distinct courage to break the glass ceiling and firmly determined to defy the supremacy of the evil and powerful…women who painstakingly persevered and eventually triumphed…women who dedicatedly sowed and bountifully reaped…these are distinct male counterparts who were foremost followers before until they successfully attained leadership…women who considered giving their all in the pursuit of hallmark deeds…women who mightily stand on towering pedestals but carefree and unmindful of such enviable status… yes, these are the amazing batch of women of incomparable substance, distinctively worth-emulating, and glisteningly armed with unprecedented influence.

With impressively marked personalities that could vitally influence the youth and the next generation, these are the women who know how to negotiate, communicate, and persuade others to the things worthy of hard work with veritable accomplishments. Their ideas may initially be something far from taking off but the grandiose effect of its outcome is undoubtedly worth their clever attempt.

The Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc. is mighty proud to present these magnanimously influential and benevolently endowed female leaders in a manifestly formal awarding ceremony celebrating the sensational accomplishments and highly revered status of the Filipino-American women this side of the north east.

PACCAL bestowed the hallmark recognition to the 2014 Influential Women of the Tri-state Area highlighting the celebration of Women’s History Month last Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 1:00 PM at the Ramada Plaza Hotel along 160 Frontage Road, Newark, New Jersey.

Incidentally, PACCAL’s celebration of Women’s History Month is ably chaired by current PACCAL President Rose P. Javier and PACCAL incoming President Lumen Castañeda.

For more information and details or for ticket reservation, please call the PACCAL Neighborhood Center at 201.798.1700 or call the following committee members:

Linda M. Mayo – 201.388.1260

Bobby T. Yalong – 201.300.5234

Rose P. Javier  –  201.993.8815

Rolly Javier – 201.600.0651

Lumen Castañeda – 917.538.1702

Joey M. Mayo – 917.779.1202

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One thought on “Asian Journal/PACCAL unveils Top Ten Influential Women Tri-State

  1. Dear Hermie,

    First of all, congratulations on your well-deserved award as one of the “Outstanding Women”.

    Also, thank you for publishing Penn’s Barrio Fiesta. I hope Ferdie and you, and others could come. I know all are busy but this would be a “good break”.


    Linda Juliano


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