The Winds of Change

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EDITORIAL March 17, 2014 | Winter had come and bombarded us with its unending armaments of snow, fierce winds and freezing temperatures. Pretty soon it will be gone. Once the winter storm is over, spring will take its place bringing about new growth and new life. The season change brings with it a wind that may cover us like a warm blanket.

The gentle breeze is a sweet welcome to our tired souls. It caresses us in such a way that healing from the harsh effects of winter may begin. It has a nurturing feeling and we seem to beg for it to stay. We close our eyes and let it wash over us. We hope for restoration once it has covered us in its healing power. We close our eyes, feeling its soft touch upon our face. We offer prayers of thanksgiving. In the distance, we start hearing spring music and the sound of chimes, moving in perfect harmony.

The gentle breezes of spring welcome us to a new day and a fresh change of love and peace to our lives, Without the season of change, we would become stagnant as dirty water. Our inner spirit will become lifeless and useless. You will find mire and mud around the very existence of a life without change. Nothing grows in stagnant water, except filthy, useless, property. We need the stirring up within ourselves to move onward and upward like new buds sprouting all over. Bread does not rise, unless it is pounded and kneaded. Therefore, it is the same with our being.

Change is important in our lives, ready or not! . It is in this change that we learn total dependence on God where we find our true direction. This year a very important event will happen. The changing of the guard will occur once again with the election of new officers in the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia hierarchy. Another change, a new beginning. Qualified candidates will run for office and hopefully, those elected into office will continue to promote and implement present programs to new heights as this present administration had done for the past four years.

As the FECGP keeps on growing robustly in years through great admirable changes, we need to keep the spirit moving forward through the competence, care, intelligence and patience of those officers in charge. A very important message of change for the electorates is to vote for someone who is best qualified for the job, a person who is competent, intelligent, honest, patient with no personal agenda and other personal reasons. We have learned from the past that those elected in office with self serving agenda and not for the association, do not get much-needed cooperation from the rest of the group. This is a lesson learned and needs to be changed as the wind of change.

Let us keep the gentle breeze flowing smoothly in the years ahead. Ignore the fierce wind that can blow our feet of the ground and cause damage to our community lives.

“We cannot change the direction of the Wind… But we can always adjust our sails…Do not think that you are weak. Stand up and reach all that you wanted to. Don’t Forget ~  You can do anything and everything. Believe in yourself. All power is within you. Accept Change.. Embrace Change.. and thus Succeed”
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