Last Week: From the President

      With the flowers popping up in my backyard garden, it surely heralds the annual springtime event we can all be happy about! We had finally settled in our new home and we are excited with the new challenges that comes with building and designing a garden that i wish can replicate the one that i have at our Mt. Laurel home. But every change in our lives takes us into a new level of awakening and realization of what life offers to us. It is the same with our associations: we keep going and encountering new challenges and opportunities to SERVE and be AVAILABLE to our communities in the areas of our commitment and expertise.
      Tomorrow, Saturday April 5 we will have the PCGNY Consular Outreach at the OSAC Social Hall in Philadelphia. St. Augustine’s continues to support our Fil-Am community every year when we conduct this outreach to serve Fil-Ams in our area. You can download a PDF your might need during the process. Click here.
      The Penn Philippine Association of UPenn (PPA) and their “Once Upon a Barrio” will take place this Sunday, April 6. Ms. Linda Juliano is inviting everybody to their event.(File photo below).

      Drexel University’s FISDU is excited about their “Alice in Barrioland” this coming April 19, according to FISDU External VP Ruben Sandoval. Our university students need our support.

      This coming Apr 12, PCSNJ will hold their Annual Community Health Seminar from 12:30 – 3:00 pm at the Philippine Community Center in Stratford, NJ. Let us show our support for their program.

      Did you receive your invitations to our Independence Ball this coming June 20. If not you can contact me. This will be my last Independence Ball to preside over as President and together we can make it all meaning full. I am just too happy with the thought that for two terms, I gave my very best to our beloved Filipino-American community.  These are my thoughts as this week draws to a close. See you all tomorrow at the consular outreach in St.Augustine’s.

Hermie Samaniego Aczon 



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