Jumpstarting Faith in Tacloban with help from FECGP

Baglieri.888.Mayette Baglieri, FECGP Recording Secretary wrote: Thank you to all my friends and supporters of FECGP and PNASNJP for all your donations! At our Wine and Cheese Fundraiser held last January 12, 2014 you helped us raise:

At 44 pesos to a dollar, you raised P71,607.00 Philippine pesos! Having added that to our personal donations, that translates to 15 families in the Calleja clan directly receiving an assistance of P13,000.00 ($295.00) to P18,000.00 ($409.00) pesos each depending on who had the most damage and need for recovery.

Not only did your donations extend our personal dollars that we contributed to my Tacloban family members severely affected by killer storm Yolanda (Haiyan), but also, together, we gave hope where there was very little and helped restore the faith in themselves that they can be back on their feet.

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Click here for more stories of the Calleja families that we helped.

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Contemplating the concept of the intertwining of poverty and corruption is difficult for me. Would Yolanda have been less damaging if many Taclobanons were not already struggling to live? Why do the very poor continue to have loads of children? Is it because they consider their children as their wealth?

Calleja Mayette quote

Why do many of the people in power and politics have the need to further stomp on the already down and poor? Is it because they themselves would rather not be confronted with this situation called poverty? Is it because their own inner souls feel so very poor? So, they keep for themselves the material things and contributions meant for those that are without in the hope of feeling satisfied?

I am not naïve to believe that our assistance has even begun to scratch the solution to Tacloban’s social ills. I do know at least one thing for sure. Although the need is great and still ongoing, our direct financial assistance to each Calleja family and my presence there as their caring cousin and as your representative brought a ray of hope and helped jumpstart their faith in themselves so that they can begin to work again at being okay with the struggle of everyday.

So, thank you.


Mayette Calleja-Baglieri and Frank Baglieri


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