FECGP Scholarships: Making their Dreams Come True

Maramara 1-A

Shared by: Ruben David  |  I am very happy to report the progress of their our sponsored “FECGP Scholars” in the Philippines. They are Angel Mae B. Maramara and Faye Bago.

Angel Mae is 16, and is living with her parents in Bohol. Her father, Armando D. Maramara, is an electronics technician and Fredilyn, her mother was a former saleslady. She has 2 siblings named: Ryan and Jean. The family is living in Bohol because there was an affliction in Kauswagan between MILF muslim separatists and Christian factions.

Maramara 2-A

Angel Mae Maramara and her family is thankful for FECGP support.

Angel Mae graduated from Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School and recently studied at Bohol Island State University taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education, a first year student.

Faye Bago pic

Another student also sponsored by FECGP is Faye Bago.  She is 16 years old and lives in Manga District, Tagbilaran City, in the island province of Bohol. She is currently studying  at Bohol Island State University which is a government school and taking up Bachelor in Science in Industrial Technology major in Food Technology .

Her father Francisco is a fisherman and her mother Ricarda is a fish Vendor . She has 9 siblings in the family including and is the 8th child.

She heard about the “Adopt-a-Learner Program” at MDCN, Inc. and she took the qualifying exam. My parents cannot send afford to send me to school with their meager income.

Faye Bago family

Faye Bago is full of hope together with her family in front of their humble house. Like Angel Mae, she is also grateful for our FECGP support to her.


“I am very lucky to have this scholarship and I praying that someday I will be able to reach my dreams and help also other marginalized teens like me. Thank you for the generosity of our benefactors abroad”. Her heart is filled with joy writing this letter to us.

Faye is hopeful about here future, thanks to the $1,000 donation granted by FECGP for the two of them.

This project was made possible during the last term of Mrs. Hermie Aczon.

If you are reading this article and is looking for sponsorship opportunities for young people that needs help for the education in the Philippines, please contact Mr. Ruben David of FACAA at: rubenddavid@msn.com


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