Hermie Aczon is FASSJ’s Love Awardee 2015; Lana Holgado, Miss Valentine 2015

The Filipino American Association of Southern New Jersey held its annual Miss Valentines Ball and Recognition of Love Awardee 2015 held at the Riverside Pavillion of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, February 7.
Mrs. Hermie Aczon was presented plaques of recognition and gifts by FASSJ President Ann Bratelli. She was joined by her husband, Dr. Ferdinand Aczon, children and family members.
The past honorees of the prestigious “Love Award” are: Drs. Alex & Elsie Almario 2008, Lambert Santos 2009, Dr. Alex Cueto 2010, Drs. Mike & Liz de Leon 2011, Rey & Polly Dimapilis 2012, Fr. Efren Esmilla 2013 and Mrs. Virgie Luz 2014.

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Miss Lana Holgado was crowned Miss Valentine 2015. Mrs. Hermie Aczon was recognized as the “FASSJ Love Awardee 2015.” Together with the Mutya Dancers she gavel a superb performance of the “Singkil” dance to the delight of everybody. President Ann Dimapilis-Brattelli opened the program and thanked all the guests.

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2 thoughts on “Hermie Aczon is FASSJ’s Love Awardee 2015; Lana Holgado, Miss Valentine 2015

  1. Thanks Freddie for the wonderful pictures and write up of our event. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks for the support!


    • Hello Ann: The award given by FASSJ has become one of the most coveted annual awards in our area. The long line of “Love Awardees” represents the people that gave their love and support to our Fil-Am community. Thanks, Ann and keep us posted with your events.


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