Philadelphia Mayor Signs Immigration Services Fraud Bill

MOIMA is the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office for Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs. This past summer, a working group including MOIMA, the Managing Director’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, the Philadelphia Police Department, the Department of Licensing and Inspections (L&I), Friends of Farmworkers among other community representatives, collaborated with Councilman O’Brien’s Office to develop a bill that will prevent immigrants from becoming victims of fraud by requiring providers to, among other measures, register with the L&I and provide certain disclosures in advertising, fees, and services. Click here for more on MOIMA.


What’s New at MOIMA? Promoting Citizenship
Through MOIMA, the City of Philadelphia has joined Cities for Citizenship (C4C), a national initiative that seeks to scale up naturalization among eligible immigrants. (See sidebar for details). This year we look to expand our collaboration with immigrant serving organizations, law professionals, and volunteers in this effort. If you would like to volunteer or otherwise contribute to this effort, please click here and tell us about your interest in Philadelphia’s Cities for Citizenship Initiative.



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