FAAMCI’s Kristine Rojo: DLBF Junior Ambassador

College: United States Naval Academy, Class 2018
High School: Baldwin School, Class 2014
Parents: Jun and Marisso Rojo

The first time she picked up the tennis racquet, Kristine was only 6 years of age. She fell in love with the sport and started playing competitively when she was 9 years old. In only a couple of years, Kristine affirmed herself as one of the top juniors of her generation. Training at various locations without a coach of her own, Kristine managed to overcome this barrier and became an autodidact. Nick Bollettieri watched her play and complimented her on her game saying she “has a great foundation, excellent timing and athletic movement.” One of Kristine’s fondest tennis memories happened in 2007, when she advanced into the semifinals of the “Little Mo Nationals” in Austin, TX. In high school, Kristine has played the number 1 position during her freshman and sophomore years winning the Inter-Academic League School tennis tournament both years.

What is Down the Line and Beyond Foundation?
Down the Line and Beyond Foundation is a non-profit organization in the Philadelphia area. We facilitate positive character and tennis development for Philadelphia area underprivileged youth and talented youth tennis players, in order to maximize each child’s full potential on and off the court and cultivate the next generation of leadership.
Down the Line and Beyond Foundation offers free outreach programs for underserved Philadelphia youth as well as a junior ambassador program for talented Philadelphia area tennis players. In addition, character development plays an integral part in our Foundation. Our year-round character development program based on the CITRS Curriculum is incorporated in both our outreach programs and junior ambassador program. Learn more about DLBF

Kristine’s work ethic, determination and desire to succeed can be seen in every aspect of her life. In May, she will graduate from one of the toughest academic schools in the area – The Baldwin School. Having a passion not only for tennis but for technology as well, Kristine got involved with her school’s Robotics Club. Early this year, Kristine and her four other club members advanced to the semifinals in the VEX Robotics competition where they designed and built their own robot without any financial support nor coaching. In addition to the Robotics Club, Kristine also helps out with her high school English Literature magazine.

rojo family 222

Rojo small photo 3

Parents Jun and Marissa Rojo with Kristine.

When she is not studying or on the tennis court, Kristine loves volunteering and helping others in need. She has volunteered at a number of community service events with Down the Line and Beyond Foundation as well as World Team Tennis and Philadelphia Freedoms. Kristine also took upon a leadership role within her church helping with the youth ministry as well as various community service events. In 2012, she was offered the opportunity to travel to India for a technology service project and collaborate with Indian students to try and solve some of the technological issues we are facing as a global society.

For her outstanding leadership and character, Kristine has won a number of awards. She is the recipient of prestigious and highly competitive awards: the 2012 “Billie Jean King Character Award” and the 2011 “Althea Gibson Leadership Award” which is given annually only to two juniors ranked nationally in the top 100 who have high academic achievements and have exhibited outstanding character and leadership on and off the court.

Rojo Naval pic 111Kristine (now 18) is enjoying her time at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD where she will also play for the Naval Academy tennis team. She is still undecided on what track she wants to pursue but she narrowed it down to two in the STEM field: aerospace engineering or computer science engineering.

Being a DTLB junior ambassador and having to participate in our character development program has helped Kristine not only grow personally by building long lasting values and becoming a community-minded individual but also by making the connection with the Naval Academy on a more personal level.

With such an outstanding background, there is no doubt that she will live up to her full potential and, through her leadership, she will help solve the technological problems of tomorrow.


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  1. Our good wishes to you Kristine and dream
    the impossible dream. You’re smart and a fighter.
    Congratulations to Jun and Marissa to have
    a gifted and talented daughter like you.

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