Araw ng Kagitingan: Vets Reminded Us of Our Country’s Struggle at War


Ruth Luyun 72 dpi_jpg

Pres. Ruth Luyun

Filipino-Americans will be marked 72nd anniversary of the Fall of Bataan during simple ceremonies held at the Bataan Memorial in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Consul General New York Mario L. de Leon, Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn and other local community leaders were in attendance. It was a gloomy day but it waram our hearts with the coming of so many of our officers from our Member Associations.

Mayor Chuck Cahn Cherry Hill

Mayor Chuck Cahn

Mayor Cahn delivered a passionate speech about the meaning of freedom and reminded us of the sacrifices of those who fought against the Japanese aggression during the Second World War. Consul General Mario de Leon also reminded attendees of the “significant importance of Philadelphia as the only city in the U.S. that have this remarkable Bataan War Memorial.” The day, referred to as “Araw ng Kagitingan,” is a regular national holiday in the Philippines with President Benigno Aquino III’s Proclamation 655 which he signed in 2013. After the U.S. national anthem and the Philippines’ national anthem were sung, a taps rendition was played by Mr. Murphy who graciously lent his talent for the occasion. This was followed by laying of the wreathes at the monument. After the ceremony, a light reception followed at the Philippine Community Center in Stratford, NJ.  Guest veterans narrated their war experiences and the room was filled with reverence and appreciation for their service during the war. President Ruth Luyun received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Consul General along with the invited veterans for the event.

Con Gen de Leon

Consul General NY Mario de Leon

In the Philippines , Bataan Day is also a non-working day as the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) provides in the “Handbook on Workers’ Statutory Monetary Benefits” stipulates that employees “are entitled to at least 100% of his/her minimum pay” even if he/she did not report for work on this day. The labor department emphasized that employees “must be present or is on leave of absence with pay on the work day” immediately preceding the holiday (April 8, in this case). On that day back in 1942, Filipino and American fighters in Bataan under the leadership of Major General Edward P. King of the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) surrendered to the Japanese invaders after realizing the “futility of further resistance.” Allied forces had been fighting the Japanese for four months already prior to the Fall of Bataan, and thousands of them had already died by that time.

Hermie FB Photo

Past President Hermie Aczon

It is noteworthy to mention that the Bataan Monument was restored to its former glory and its surroundings upgraded during the last term of President Hermie S. Aczon in 2013 who worked hard to raise money towards the undertaking. She personally supervised the repaving and dealing with the contruction crew during the renov. Member-volunteers worked together with her to make the monument as beautiful as it is now.

Dr. Francis Talangbayan

The Bataan Memorial was the brainchild of Past President Dr. Francis Talangabayan

April Talangbayan

April Talangbayan

during his presidency. We are deeply indebted to his unselfish love and support of our Council and the promotion of our rich cultural heritage. His youngest daughter, April is an acclaimed flutist and also active in our local community sharing her God-given talents and in the medical missions field.

We would also like to thank all who supported the campaign for the restoration of the memorial. Thank you also for the commitment you made to maintain and preserve this memorial that honor our heroes in World War 2. NOTE: There is in fact a law which designates April 9 as a legal holiday. It is Republic Act 3022, signed by then-President Carlos P. Garcia back in 1961. Check it on this link. Read more about Proclamation 655 here. Read the above mentioned DOLE handbook in this link.


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  1. The Bataan Monument has been my project to commemorate our fellow Filipinos who fought for our freedom. One of them is my father who was in the Death March.


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