Philadelphia Consular Outreach: An Example of Premier Public Service

The recently concluded Consular Outreach in Philadelphia proved to be a boon to our Kababayans in our area. For one, they did not have to travel to New York City and also saved time and money of their part. The event held last April 18, was conducted at St. Thomas Aquinas Church Social Hall in 17th and Morris Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

The services started at 10 to 3 in the afternoon. Consul Kerwin Tate from the Consulate General New York, led his team who came early, along with Consulate Area Warden Hermie Aczon and President Ruth Luyun of FECGP. Volunteers from the ICAGP, PNASNJP, FAAMCI and IBC came to lend an extra hand. The services were very orderly and many of our people were served expeditiously and on time. Also the big parking space inside the church compound accommodated all those who came.

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Hermie FB Photo

Consular Area Warden Hermie Samaniego Aczon

In an effort to bring its services closer to its constituents, the Philippine Consulate General periodically conducts Consular Outreach Services. This year’s outreach was coordinated by Mrs. Hermie Aczon.

Organized in partnership with Filipino Executive Council in Philadelphia and the PCSNJ in South Jersey, the Outreach Services accepted applications for Philippine passport issuance (new, renewal and amendment of entries), legalization of documents, civil registry documents (birth, marriage and death) and reacquisition/retention of Philippine citizenship.
The Outreach Services also accepted applications for Registration as Overseas Voters. In addition, some Outreach Services also offered information dissemination on some projects and programs that might be of interest to the Filipino community. To ensure order during the activity, an appointment system is applied for those who wish to avail themselves of the services of the Consular Outreach. The appointment system required that applicants for passports, civil registry and reacquisition/retention of Philippine citizenship submit a Request for Appointment to the Consulate General at least 7 days before the scheduled outreach activity for pre-processing. This helped a lot in processing.

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2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Consular Outreach: An Example of Premier Public Service

  1. Thank you for your emails, but really it is good if you can post your inquiry and other comments right ere on our website.


  2. Mr. Oca from Delaware wrote:

    Dear Ms. Faczon,
    Good day, thanks for the assistance you gave us thru the outreach program of the Philippine Consulate General New York. Hoping when you retire someone with compassion will continue your volunteer job.
    Regolo Oca, State of Delaware


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