From the President: Happy Memorial Day

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President Ruth Luyun

This Sunday we will have our regular monthly meeting for May. it is just a few weeks and we will be observing the Philippine Independence Day Festivities, marking the 117th anniversary of our country’s independence. This is a significant and poignant event in our lives as expats in this adopted country of ours. I hope that we could transplant this patriotic feeling to our children many of them already second-generation Americans.
      TV Station 6abc recognized our Fil-AM leaders and their contributions to the community is an awards ceremony held at the University City Sheraton Hotel. The recipients of awards were: the MUTYA Dance Company represented by Pres. Imelda Alpas and Creative Director Rey Borres; Lyn Javier, RN, PNAPA past president for Community Health Services.
Update Memorial Day Issue
      I am in awe of the selflessness of our leaders as they devote time and resources into serving in the many capacities they have to play and the role they have accepted to serve.
Memorial Day GenericMonday is Memorial Day. Let us honor our veterans and thank them for all the sacrifices they did. Some paid with their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we have now.  Take a moment of silence in remembrance of them.
We are approaching June and at our meeting, I will be meeting with Committee Chairs to discuss steps to make our June Independence festivities become successful. We all need to be working together as a Team: because teamwork is a proven strategy.
      In a Proclamation issued, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has declared June 6 to June 20 “Philippine Weeks” to observe our events in the community.
      “Our city flourishes with the support of various organizations such as the FIlipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia (FECGP) whose outreach into our community provides connections, services and the strength of unity for Filipino-American citizens living in Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Southwestern Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Delaware.”  
      “FECGP serves as a clearing house to facilitate communication and delivery of services to the Filipino-American community and work to close gaps Filipino-Americans and opportunities for healthcare, healthcare, education, employment and economic growth.” 
      He added: “This ceremonial observance will do much to increase public awareness of the history and accomplishments of Philadelphia’s Filipino-American citizens.”
      Congratulations also to Mary Cassandra Soriano Arocena for being chosen our Bb. Pilipinas 2015. Salamat Angelo and Marylou Arocena the proud parents of “Cassie” and to FAAMCI, their sponsoring association, FAAMCI President Sherly McLean, officers and members.
      Our love and best wishes to Lito and Agnes Amora  25th Wedding Anniversary!

      Hoping to see many of you Sunday at OSAC at our monthly meeting. Bring a friend and a dish. Enjoy the “barkada” and dialogue with our leaders. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat and “Mabuhay”!

Ruth Bayle Luyun



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