Mary Cassandra Arocena crowned Bb. Pilipinas 2015

CASSEY 2015 Cover

By: Sherry Sorono | Mary Cassandra Arocena was crowned Binibining Pilipinas 2015 last night at the 40th Anniversary Gala event of the FECGP. The occasion also highlighted the 117th Anniversary of Philippine Independence, and held at the beautiful Radisson Hotel in Trevose, PA.

Ilocano Officers at the Ind Ball

Photo by: Ella Demesa Merioles | Officers of the FECGP with Cassey Arocena.

The long tradition of crowning Miss (Bb. Pilipinas) Philippines was started years ago by Filipino-Americans in our area to celebrate and to and praise our Filipina women.

Penn State University was center stage in the life of Mary Cassandra Soriano Arocena. From its august halls and sheltered campus she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

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From her parents Angelo Santiago Arocena and Mary Lou Soriano (they are members of FAAMCI…!) she learned the value of family love, respect for others, dignity of work, loyalty to friendships and  compassion to those in need. She grew up with her older sister Mary Louise, also a Registered Nurse, (UPenn) and delights in family, cousins and friends.

Cassey is busy working at a Mother Baby Unit in MedStar Hospital Washington, D.C. Transitioning a baby from intra uterine to post natal life has a profound impact on her. Cradling babies till they fall asleep, making sure they get their immunization before going home is all in a day’s work for her.

She loves to teach especially new mothers and fathers how to take care of their babies in a practical terms. She is a member of PNAPA . She is looking forward for the  Annual convention in Hawaii July 2015.

In her free time she goes camping and hiking with her closest friends. She loves to compose songs, play guitar, piano, and some drum. A true Filipina, she projects grace and quiet strength within her.


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