Resolution requesting U.S. Congress to award Congressional Gold Medal to Pinoy Vets

Phila City Council

by: Ruben David: A Google Photo  |  Philadelphia: Pursuant to the 117th Philippine Independence Anniversary celebration proclamation and flag-raising ceremony held on June 6, 2015 onboard USS Olympia with official guest speaker Major General Tony Taguba, U.S. Army (Ret.) spoke at the events filled with dignitaries and guests,  including Philadelphia Councilman-at-Large David Oh.

the fighting filipinos

This poster inspired so many Filipinos to join the USAFFE and fought the war side by side with American soldiers.

On June 18, 2015 Councilman Oh introduced a resolution and sponsored by other councilpersons in support of the veterans by requesting the Congress to award a Congressional gold medal, collectively, to the Filipino Veterans of WWII in recognition of their dedicated service to the US. An engrossed copy of the resolution was forwarded to Maj. Gen. Taguba. Click here to view Philadelphia City Council Resolution 150635.

      The resolution introduced by Councilman Oh and certified by: Darrell L. Clarke, President of the City Council. It  sponsored by Councilmembers:  Oh, Quinones, Sanchez, Jones, Greenlee, Blackwell, O’Brien, Nielson, Reynolds Brown and Bass.
Editor’s Note: The poster on the right has a little story to it. Click here.
Picture 018

FECGP President Ruth Luyun with Liaison Officer Ruben David and Philadelphia Councilman-at-Large David Oh at the USS Olympia. The historic ship is the venue of the annual flag-raising event to commemorate the independence of the Philippines from the United States. Photo: Philip Reyes


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