This Week: From the President

Ruth Luyun 088The recent visit of Pope Francis to our country, particularly in Philadelphia was somewhat a real life confession for all of us: we public confess our faith, our belief in the doctrines of the Catholic faith and we professed our love to one another across all faiths on that one awesome particular day.
I am sure that many of you started your trek so early “just to be in time” to arrive in the city before the great multitude start massing around the parade route.  Surely some were lucky to have a “vantage point” and some were not so lucky to be too “far away” from the epicenter of the activity.

       Some friends have to walk a mile away because literally the city looked like a vacant parking lot with everyone walking with the exception of a few official vehicles authorized to navigate the city streets put on heightened security.
Each one of us will surely have fond memories of this great event: something we could tell our children and grandchildren. Upon his return to the Vatican, Pope Francis told the press that on all the cities that he visited: Havana, New York, and Washington, D.C. it was Philadelphia that have the most electrified crowd and he can feel the love.

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Let us support the PFASI as they present their Rondalla Concert this October 4th at the International House, in Philly near Drexel University area. My congratulations to them for another event that promotes our culture.

      Thanks also to all of you who made the celebration of the Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz a memorable one. Cardinal Tagle was very happy along with Fr. Efren Esmilla for the all out support and confession of our faith during the celebratory Mass. The Cardinal earlier received his honorary degree from Lasalle University together with his mother, and brother and family.

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  1. Thanks to all of you who shared your FB photos with us. We want more. Please send us the URLs as it is hard and time consuming to search the whole FB universe.


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