Become the HOPE for a Child

PS Buck actvitiy 4By: Norma and Rick Yabut |  FAABCI is committed to its program of  sponsoring kids in the Philippines in partnership with the Pearl S. Buck International. Visiting the children and their families is always a joyful and heartwarming experience. (Photo above:  JoeMarie Tanglao and Sushmita Aledro both graduated as computer programmers and are now working! Joemarie works for Texas Instruments and Sushmita is working in sales.

PS Buck actvitiy 1

This year’s visit was quite special because we were joined by other Sponsors who visited the Philippines for the first time as part of the PSBI cultural trip last February. The children had a special program for us and seeing them perform was truly amazing and entertaining. What a great time we all had!PS Buck actvitiy 6

We encourage you to consider getting involved with our project. You can not imagine the joy of seeing a kid that needs help gets through having an education, improve and change their lives. Isn’t it great to be part of a great humanitarian endeavor?

We presented a slideshow during the 2014 Pasko sa Nayon. After the presentation we received positive comments and sponsorship leads. We were so happy and energized knowing that many of you are willing to be part of our program. What a joy to become a Sponsor and give HOPE to a child. Learn more about them by contacting us.




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