In Praise of Women

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Women are very important in our lives . No one can regret the importance of women in our daily life. Women are a key for our progress. These days, they are quietly running and ruling systematically the world events. Since the beginning of mankind, women have left their trails and influences of shaping our modern world as mothers, wives, leaders and magnifying their presence as country and company presidents, queens of monarchies, teachers, actors, soldiers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, legislators, judges and all other professions and human endeavors. There has been a steady rise in the share of women, especially mothers, in the workforce. As indicated by the media data, the majority of women and mothers work, and many work full time and full year. This dramatic increase in women’s working hours has had a substantial impact both on household earnings and the economy more generally. A fantastic feat, I declare.

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Mostly intelligent, persuasive, intuitive, a mastermind of innovative ideas, it is safe to say that they also possess the capacity of infinite patience and self indulgence. I am a firm believer of the unequivocally established saying that there is a woman behind every successful man. Practically, every woman wants her authority to be established independently and comprehensively in achieving success and fame. She will contribute wholeheartedly in securing her status in association with her own man and with the team, she is leading. I respect independent women, an attribute that can make dramatic changes in our male-controlled society. Women always represent as the focal point in a family thus becoming a centripetal force in the society. Her strength lies in firmly holding the family tree, an organization and a nation.

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Although accomplished women are in the limelight today but still looked down upon as belonging to the minority by jealous and ignorant members of society, they deserve to be treated with mutual respect, fairness, equality and tenderness. These privileges apply to all women in general. They do not deserve the old adage that “women were created” to serve and cater to all the needs and idiosyncrasies of men as in perpetual servitude. A big human mistake if, we men, continue and still adhere to that belief. Women, through their accomplishments, have given real meaning to the words; peace, harmony, liberty and love.

Most women of today are focused on personal and professional growth, building good family values, performing community services and creating friendships. Whether you want to give back to your community, develop your individual talents in speaking, writing and other areas or make great new friends, women especially mothers are always there to lend a helping hand. They deserve all the deep appreciation for the positive difference that they are making and contributing for a better world.

Aristotle commented that a “society cannot be delighted, unless women are happy”. The question arises, why women are so important in our lives? The best answer given by an unknown author is ” Women are stubborn by nature and are like scorpions whose grip are tight and sweet”. I believe in the saying that a man will come to a definite conclusion that the partnership is incomplete without a woman. Here, the men also play an important part in extracting maximum benefit out of women’s talents and personality with mutual respect.As an ending remark,

“It is proper to declare that women of today are the moving spirit that enlightens our daily lives and the guiding light to bring peace and harmony to the whole human race.”

Ladies, you are all difference makers in our lives today, tomorrow and the in the days to come.  Your comments are very welcomed below.



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