From the President: Today we remember together

Gettysburg Mem Day Parade

We honor the men and women this Memorial Day with a prayer and fond remembrance for all that they have done for our country.  Across the nation, in small towns and cities people gather together and have parades to celebrate and give thanks for their services. (A Google photo: Memorial Day parade in Gettysburg, PA)

Ruth Luyun 088

Pres. Ruth Luyun

There will be flags! a lot of them as the colors pass and you can see in the eyes of everyone the admiration and the respect as members of different military divisions pass.  VFW members, local high school bands and local boy scouts participate in these parade which is the defining moment of this day.

Keeping world peace had always been the benchmark of our nation. Our generation have witnessed the aftermath of WW2 and our parents have seen its horror.  From the beaches of Normandy to the trenches in Italy; to the jungles of Guadalcanal to the forests of Bataan America’s men and women have fought the battle and preserved our way of life.

Many of us came to the U.S. because of a USAFFE relative and have changed their lives for the better. Their sacrifices will always be recited and recounted by families as they passed them on to the younger generation.  There are just a few surviving members of the USAFFE and the movement to recognized them with a medal of valor is just so timely.

For those who paid with the ultimate price Memorial Day will be a somber day of remembrance. However their memories live on and will be an inspiration and a challenge for all of us to continue our quest to preserve our nation’s way of life and given the opportunity to come to the aid of other countries whose democracies are in peril.

Sa lahat ng ating mga beterano, saludo kami sa inyo and God Bless You and God Bless the United States.




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