Philippine Independence Gala culminates with crowning of Bb. Pilipinas 2016

By: Freddy Panes This year’s tradition of celebrating our Philippine Independence Day was the central point of the celebrations that focused on our freedom as a nation. This year’s mark the 118th anniversary when our Philippine flag was hoisted on the balcony of Aguinaldo’s house in Kawit, Cavite on June 12, 1898.

The Riverside Pavillion of Crowne Plaza Hotel was abuzz with music and lights to kick off the event. It was a celebratory as well as solemn atmosphere when the Member Associations each were announced during the “Parade of Banners” with each one proudly entering center stage and displaying their banners with their representatives waving at the crowd. Some of them got some really loud cheers indicating the large presence and attendance of their members during the ball.

Highlighting the event was the Presidential Awards presentation presented to the following:

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Ruth Message for website

Pres. Ruth B. Luyun

In her speech, President Ruth Luyun extolled the contributions of the members and the dedication of her officers saying “I could not have done it all without your support.” She added: “If we reach the level of cooperative enterprise,  we can heartily engage ourselves not only to our community but also become partners with our home country.”

Presidents of member associations (MAs) are all praises to the President as she earlier expressed that she is not seeking re-election. She expressed her leadership in spiritual terms calling herself not as a “leader” but as a head servant”, adding: “These past two years of my service as your head servant of FECGP; I made incredible adjustments in my personal life, as a mom, grand mom. wife and of course as your president. It was hard and  tedious but I enjoyed every minute of my time due to all your cooperation and commitment to all our programs”.

Photos by: GeoPaz Sinese, Sherly Siatrez McLean, Noreen Delfin, Lucy Desimone

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“I am very lucky to have worked with a very committed group of nice people like you.    So again, thank you very much.” As she ended her speech amidst a thunderous applause from members, guests and supporters.

During her term, President Luyun made inroads into strengthening the working relationships of MAs and also making the FECGP more visible with engagements in many activities with other mainstream organizations like the Philadelphia Citizens Coalition, the AARP, Seamen’s Church Institute, the Fraternal Order of Police, Police Department of Philadelphia and Engineer Without Borders to whom she handed over more than $4,000 the FECGP raised during a fund-raiser for a water project in Apatut, Pampanga.

The annual flag raising event was held at the historic Seaport Museum’s USS Olympia which was America’s symbol of naval supremacy when it took over the Philippines during the epic “Battle of Manila Bay” (May 1, 1898) which signaled Spain leaving their Asiatic possession and handing it over to the U.S. at the Treaty of Paris. In that treaty of Dec. 8. 1898, Spain “handed over” Cuba, Guam and the Philippines and was paid $20 milllion by America.

FECGP would like to thank everyone who supported  the Gala event and making everything possible and successful. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW, NOT ON OUR FB PAGE.







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