Happy Father’s Day

Happy fathers Day2

By: Freddy Panes  |  Across the U.S. and Canada and in countries that we have influenced the role and position of a father is celebrated this Sunday, June 19th. As Christians we also have our Heavenly Father that watches over us. A father is the “glue” of the family as much as the “mother holds the fort” while he goes to work: Both take care of the children with the father as a figure of strength and fortitude and the mother nurturing the children.

HFD Ruth Inset

Even in the life of a nation we have “fathers”, and our Founding Fathers have sought the help of Divine Providence to establish a new nation free from the clutches of royalty and a guarantee of individual rights and religious freedom.  They fought a hard earned battle and tasted the sweet taste of victory as they all gathered at Carpenters’ Hall in our great city of Philadelphia to sign the declaration of independence and celebrate that victory. Fast rewind to the event when Paul Revere ran through the night announcing the marching in of redcoats from New York.  The new settlers who now called themselves unofficially as “Americans” were a motley army of fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, and friends who left their families in the care of others and extended family to fight the battle that would define the future of their new nation that they all long to established. Today we are a stronger as the United States of America.

Today’s role of a father have greatly changed; they are expected to be soft and kind compassionate and tender to their wives and to their children. How roles have changed and time has proven this, as both father and mother are now working in our “nuclear society.”

In the absence of time because we now work tirelessly even through the night, we fill that gap with a shower of gifts; not much of personal attention to our children.  We take them to theme parks as mothers tend to them while we are on our iPhones and tablets doing work and communicating with Operations and the Head Office.

Some of us cry over the times when our wives were alone with the children while we were constantly at work. For some at least they have come to a point of reconciliation with honesty as they engaged in a heart to heart talk : “Sweetheart, I thank you for taking care of the children while I was away. I thank God for you and I will make the most of it from now on. God forgive me for those times.”

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(A Google photo). As our children grow, because of the new pattern of families; some children grow estranged from parents.  But remember that someday you too will be fathers, parents and as such you too will be having children.  As we celebrate “Father’s Day” today, reach out to your dads and with a big hug and a kiss just tell the guy how much you love him; and how much he meant to you and your life.

“Honor thy father and they mother” is a holy command; “so that you may live long on this earth”.  Let us give that special attention to our fathers today.






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