Happy 4th of July!

ruth on tv
Ruth Message for web

It is a beautiful day for all of us to be in Philadelphia. Maraming Salamat to all of you who  joined the “Welcome America” parade. I felt the joy and the pride as we marched along our fellow Americans and shout to the world our freedom and the country we live in!

Today I joined the millions of Filipino-Americans across the United States as we all celebrate our country’s Independence Day. Indeed we are all proud that our place, Philadelphia is the “birthplace of America.”

It was on this date 240 years ago that church bells rang out over Philadelphia, as the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence.  We all need each other as as move on and keep our leadership in the free world.

As we celebrate and honor those who served to preserve our freedom and our way of life; let us take time to contemplate on the significance of this day. For families whose loved ones have served here and overseas, my sincerest thanks and prayers.  Our beloved son Dan, served his country honorably and we are very proud of him. I am sure many of you are equally proud of your loved ones too.

To our Fil-Am veterans my deep appreciation of your service to our country.

For may of us, our lives have changed since coming to America. It is time to give back. I am so happy and blessed that our member associations (MAs)  through the FECGP have actively pursued to serve their local communities and not forget helping back our people back in the Philippines.

On behalf of the FECGP and all the members associations, I wish you all a wonderful time with family and friends. Let us continue to work together and serve our communities in our geographical area. Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey is so vast there are so many opportunities to serve.

President Ruth Bayle Luyun
Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia


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