Presidential Report: 2014-2016

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President Ruth Luyun

I would like to thank everyone for your invaluable support during my presidency. Here are details of Participation of the FECGP with different projects covering  2014 – 2016:

September 2014 – Financial Assistance  to Jennifer Bongco’s family.

October 26, 2014-Nicholas W. Malttiaci Esq, LLM, Deputy Director Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of PA  Guest Speaker “Issues on Retirement”.

November 23, 2014 – Meeting with Jennifer Rodriguez Executive Director-Mayor’s Office on Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs, City of Philadelphia. Ms. Rodriguez spoke on “Wellness of Immigrant and Cultural Groups. She emphasized the availability of language access (311) number to call for immigrants wanting to speak their own language by contacting this number for information.

November 2014 – FECGP Financial Assistance to the Dungca Family, who lost their home through a fire.

November 2014 – FECGP received a “Certificate of Recognition” from the Philippine Consulate of New York for ‘invaluable services to Filipino seaman in distress pursuant to Geographic Warrant System.

December 2014 and December 2015 – Christmas Gift Giving  Basket  Project, given to deserving Filipino families who lost their jobs, senior citizens with lingering illnesses and families that are just starting in U.S.

April 2015 and April 2016-Comcast Cares Day. FECGP joined the Comcast-NBC Universal in Philadelphia to spend a day in cleaning; painting classrooms, organizing library materials and cleaning up the neighborhood around the Cristo Rey School selected for this year 2016.

February 2015 – FECGP officers and members attended the First Filipino American General Assembly, Philippine Consulate of New York

April 9, 2015 – “Araw ng Kagitingan”in collaboration with Philippine Consulate General of New York

VFW Private Tomas Claudio and Ladies Auxilliary – Wreath laying ceremony led by Consul General Mario Deleon with the World War II Veterans. FECGP received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Consulate for sponsoring the event honoring the veterans.

March 2015-Ambassador/Consul General /and Tourism Director’s Tour of the Philippines. Held at the Philippine Consulate of New York in Collaboration with FECGP and Philippine American Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism and create awareness of highly acclaimed regional destination in the Philippines.

May 6, 2015 – meeting with Congressman Donald Norcross (D) of New Jersey.

June 2015 – meeting with Representative Michael Fitzpatrick (D), FECGP officers and members joined Consul General Mario Deleon to meet and discuss matters of concern regarding Filipino American cultural and economic relationship. The primary purpose of the meeting was to to seek support of the House Resolution (HR-535) which seek to award collectively a Congressional Gold Medal to the Filipino Veterans of World War II, in recognition of their dedicated service to the U.S. and the Philippines.

May 30, 2015 – FECGP officers and members  attended the Asian-American Women’s Breast Cancer Health Event sponsored by Susan Komen Foundation, held at the PECO Center, Philadelphia.

July 2014 and July 2015. FECGP participated in Ocean City’s Annual “Tribute to the Philippines”. Cultural presentations by the Mutya Dance Co., PCSNJ Youth, St. Augustine Church Choir, PHASI Rondalla, Rowan University Dance troupe took turns during the day’s event. The PNA-PA, PNASJPA, PNA-DVI did blood pressure screening.

August 2014 and August 2015 – FECGP supported St. Augustine Annual  Summer Fiesta (Summer Sinulog) of our beloved Sto. Nino.
September 2014 and 2015-FECGP supported the annual celebration on the Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz.

July 2015 – FECGP participated again after many years in the 4th of July Parade in Center City with the Migrant Heritage Commission from Washington D.C.

October 6, 2015 -FECGP officers attended the lecture on “The South China Sea: The View from the Philippines” by Justice Antonio Carpio, Senior Associate Justice Supreme Court of the Philippines.

October 24, 2015 – Rowan University “Youth Leadership Training: Empowerment for The Emerging Generation”  Regil Abellanosa of Mutya and Winchell Delfin, PCSNJ attended the day’s event and networked with other participants.

November 14, 2015-FECGP joined FASSJ delegation to  to visit the Exhibit on “Philippine Gold Treasure of  Forgotten Kingdom” of Butuan, Mindanao dating back to the 10th century.

December 10, 2015 – Fundraising event to raise Funds for Engineers without Borders Water for Life Project La Union Philippines.

December 16, 2015 – Gift of Life Home Cooked Meals: cooking and serving dinner for the families of patients awaiting organ transplantation. The “Home” serves as ‘home away from home’ for organ transplant families.


  • July 2015-approval of 501c3 for FECGP
  • Corporate Book made available
  • Documents pertaining Rizal Park on hand accessible to Members
  • FECGP profile available and accessible to website.
  • By laws and Constitution  amended and approved.
  • June 2016 – Grouting /repair  of the Rizal and Bataan Monument

I would like to recommend to the next administration  to continue the following projects

  • Continuation of the BB. Pilipinas Pageant and cultural Show
  • Health and Nutrition Program in collaboration with Center for Asian  Health
  • Support the Youth and  Sport Program
  • Participation in Ocean City Tribute to the Philippines
  • Yearly Maintenance of Rizal Park
  • Philippine Consulate Outreach Program
  • Araw ng Kagitingan
  • FECGP Website
  • Recruitment of young Professionals to be officers if FECGP

Thank you all for your support for the past 2years.It’s been a pleasure serving you and the Filipino -American Community.

All the Best,

Ruth Bayle Luyun
President FECGP  (2014-2016)


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