Meet the New Leaders of FECGP

The new leaders that will lead FECGP was officially certified and declared winners by the FECGP COMELEC July 17 in simple ceremonies following the elections at the Philippine Comunity Center in Stratford, NJ.  Comelec Chairman Ruben David congratulated the candidates and Dr. Elsie Almario, past president inducted them into office.

VP Pineda

Gloria Pineda Vice President

VP Lorelie

Lorelie Laurencio 2nd Vice President

VP Fred Boco

Fred Boco 3rd Vice President


Nida Imperial along with the 3 Vice Presidents declared their solemn promise to continue the progressive programs already started by the past administrations.  President Nida Imperial will soon be discussing with our leaders on the programs that she has laid out for her terms.

Nida Imperial served as president of FAABCI and the PNA-PA at the same time she also served as VP during the term of President Hermie Aczon and President Ruth Luyun. Fred Boco (3rd VP) is actively involved with FAAMCI, while PNASNJP’s Lorelie Laurencio and Gloria Pineda will be serving as 2nd VP and 1st VP, respectively.

The most immediate business matter for the new administration will be its election of a new Board of Directors that will be working and assisting the new president.

Outgoing President Ruth Bayle Luyun likewise congratulated them and encouraged them to make a much deeper commitment to serve our people; reminding them likewise not to forget our involvement with the many opportunities to serve our countrymen in the Philippines. Click here for details of the President’s Report 2014-2016.





Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

FECGP President Ruth Luyun

With the election of our new president Rodrigo Duterte and the promise of change and changes that are happening now in our home country, President Ruth Luyun is mindful that the inroads and the progress made by the FECGP will further gain momentum with the incoming administration. These advances and recommendations are detailed in the President’s Report (see link above).




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