Executive Board Officers 2016-2018 Inducted

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Members of the new Executive Board were inducted into office in a fitting and jovial ceremony held at the Radisson Hotel in beautiful Trevose, PA.

FECGP President Nida Imperial thanked everyone and congratulated the new officers before she inducted them into office.  Alice Ilagan sang the Star Spangled Banner followed by Gina Rafaelle with Lupang Hinirang. The star emcee of the evening was FAABCI’s Myrna Montenegro.

As always, the FAABCI Dancers wowed the crowd with their dance presentation choreographed by Jay Imperial. Gina surprised many of us with her singing talent! Overall the evening was a gathering of close friends, Lita and Merill Abele, Christy Talangbayan and April Talangbayan, Presidents and officers of member associations and FECGP supporters who came to show their support.

Also in attendance were past presidents, Ferdinand Luyun, Ruth Luyun and Hermie Aczon.

Inducted into office were:

Ernesto Arcilla, Corporate Secretary

Elgene Morales, Recording Secretary

Lucy De Simone, Corresponding Secretary

Hermie Aczon, Press Secretary

Elizabeth Dizon, Treasurer

Chit Datz
Charito Mabanta
Asst. Treasurers

Ferdinand B. Aczon, MD, Auditor

Imelda Itchon
Bel  Lopena
Asst. Auditors

Engr . Ruben David, Liaison Officer PA

Gwen de Vera
Senen Fontanilla
Liaison Officers New Jersey

Medy Arevalo RN
Grace Arnaiz RN
Jeanilyn Ficarra
Cesar Manguba
Christopher Rivera
Business Managers

Aurelia Aboyme, RN
Mayette Baglieri, RN
Nora Benetiz,  RN
Lita Manguba, MD
Mike Marcial
Sherly Mclean
Philip Reyes
Public  Relation. Officers

Freddy Panes, Editor-in-Chief
FECGP internet Resources

Ferdinand Luyun, Associate Editor

Edward Galang, Esq., Legal Adviser


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