Happy Thanksgiving to all


Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.  This is a special day where we all temporarily stop to ponder and appreciate the goodness of God into our lives.

We came to this great country many years ago; we started our families and now many of us are enjoying not only our children but grandchildren as well.  We also did our part to become part of the very fiber of what makes the great American social landscape.

Filipino-Americans have indeed made great contributions to the many communities where they live. With the many associations that we have and the many charities that we have supported; the home parishes that have become anchors for our spiritual lives thereby raising our children to become faithful to God, just like our parents have taught us.

So enjoy the barbecue, enjoy the great and sumptuous food, enjoy the turkey that you so lovingly basted and made golden brown and crispy so your friends will be happy in your great backyard party! Hopefully the weather will not be that cold!

On behalf of the FECGP, its officers and Member Associations I send you my sincerest greeting and hope to see you soon in the many events happening this December.

Nida Imperial, FECGP President


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