FAABCI-Marianos Thank Supporters


(Editor’s Note: The recently held FAABCI “Paskos sa Nayon, Dec. 3, 2016 became the centerpiece of a video presentation featuring the enduring support that FAABCI have for the Pearl S. Buck International Society. Through the PSBI and FAABCI they spearhead the support of children in the program and the Marianos took the opportunity to “thank” everyone for the financial support and encouragement.)
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FAABCI President Grace Arnaiz and her Officers would like to thank all those who supported and attended the Dec. 3 “Pasko sa Nayon” event at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, PA. Herein follows the message of Marcial and Stella Mariano.

First of all I want to thank God, the Almighty Lord that we are together again in breaking of the bread and celebration of Pasko sa Nayon – also known as ‘CHRISTMAS IN TOWN”. We are all looking forward for a happy celebration and dancing together all night long.

I thank you all for being present tonight – without you it wouldn’t be a nice and joyous one. I also want to let you all know that your donation benefits the needy children in the Philippines under our program.

Tonight we are lucky to have the loving, caring and back up support from the officers of PSBI. They are as follows: Please stand after I call your name;

  • Tony Luna, Vice President of PSBI. (our Emcee for tonight).
  • Mary Helf, board member, retired attorney and partner @ Fox Rothschild LLP.
  • Hong Choing, board member
  • David Yoder, Emeritus board member.

There are 2 other people who would like to be here but unable to attend. They are: Janet Mintzner, Pres. & CEO, and Mr. David Ballai, Chairman of the Board, (Although they are not present, each one of them donated generously for this event). Lets give them a big hand.

These people have a passion to help kids. And we are thankful to them and to all of you for attending this party and donating for a good cause.

Yes, my friends. We should be involved ! Why ? It is because we all know that there are so many kids in the Philippines – that are in dire need of help. …. kids with no parents, sickly and no food to eat… no home, and nobody cares – while they are sleeping on the sidewalk with no blanket to cover themselves. They could be a distant cousin of one of us or someone else you know. Perhaps, a son or daughter of your high school classmate back in the Philippines.

Let’s imagine, further, that if all other Filipino American Association under the umbrella of Filipino Executive Council in other counties of Delaware Valley sponsor 1 child – just one to start with . . . Can you imagine and see the effect of that in equal terms of number of children that we can help in the Philippines ? ?

And this is the reason why we sponsored Delaila de Guzman so she can achieve her dream of being a teacher. She is now a full pledged educator. Have a full time job. She is helping her parents, as well as her siblings attain their dreams and goals in life.

Helping our kids to improve their lives and make a difference in their own family and community is a good deed. Who knows, the child you sponsor today could be the next famous Doctor, a Scientist, an Engineer, an Environmentalist who could save the planet against global warming, or a Rock Star, or perhaps a President of the Philippines. YES, It is a good purpose to do ! And you will feel it – deep in your heart !

And, at the end of the day…. you can rest and feel good about it – that you make a difference on someone else’s life.

Thank you very much for your attendance and donations!

Marcelo and Stella Mariano


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