Raena Camille Cueto, Bb. Pilipinas 2017

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By: ACM | Raena Camille Maclang Cueto, daughter of Ruth Maclang and Raul Peña Cueto was born and raised in the United States. She enjoys being outdoors, whether it being hiking, swimming, or even just taking a nice walk. While her favorite food is beef tapa and rice, Camille also likes broadening her horizons by trying many different types of food. Click here to view FECGP 2017 Event Book.

Camille has always been eager to experience new and different activities. In middle school she participated in basketball and track. In highschool she was on the dance, cheer, and volleyball team. Currently, she works at Foot Action and plans to attend Camden County College to complete her prerequisites for Speech Pathology.

Camille believes in the importance of charity and volunteer work in order to make a difference in the world around her. As a teenager, she volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house to help disabled children by acclimating them to social environments through playing video games, eating ice cream, and making crafts. She has also collected and donated Christmas gifts to recently immigrated children of the Indian Community in Belmawr, NJ. Additionally, Camille volunteered at the Church of the Good Shepherd during Vacation Bible School to teach young children about the word of God. She participated in performances at nursing homes to provide entertainment and companionship for the elderly patients. She has always found that such experiences not only helped her community, but also enriched her own life through the connections and relationships she was able to create through them.

As a member of a new generation of Filipinos, Camille is eager to further explore her heritage and become a confident, well respected representative of the Filipino community.





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