Oliva Arden Foronda Bragitikos, ICAGP Little Miss Philippines 2017

Olivia Bio Photo JLPhoto-5651

The Ilocano Cultural Association of Greater Philadelphia will be celebrating their annual Little Miss Philippines event on August 5, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, PA. According to President Fernando Dacanay the association is busy working and putting together a wonderful program for their gala event.

This years Little Miss Philippines title holder is the beautiful granddaughter of Paquito and Filomena Foronda, maternal grandparents; and is the founding president of this prestigious and pioneering organization in our area from Jeffersonville, PA.

Olivia was born in 2003 in Philadelphia, PA.  She lives with her parents Chuck and Evangeline and her older brother, David, in Wyndmoor PA.  Her paternal grandparents are Angelo and Evangelia Bragitikos who live in Lafayette Hill, PA.

Olivia is a straight-A student at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, where she is a rising 8th grader.  She regularly attends Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting and participates the children’s program at their annual Quaker gatherings.

Olivia is an all-around student.  Her favorite subjects are English, Math, Choir and Art.  She enjoys speaking Mandarin Chinese and is looking forward to a school trip to China in high school.  She was recently cast as Kaa in the middle school’s performance of The Jungle Book.  She plays on the school’s varsity lacrosse and field hockey teams.  She also enjoys being physically active playing in summer lacrosse and field hockey clinics, taking yoga and barre classes with her friends, and playing ping pong, paddle ball and foosball.

In her free time, Olivia mostly enjoys hanging out with family and friends.  She especially enjoys music.  She spends much of her time singing, composing music, and playing the piano, guitar and ukulele.  One of the highlights of the year was going to see Hamilton: The American Musical on Broadway.  She is musically inspired by Julie Andrews, Nora Jones, and Tori Kelly.  Her favorite movies include: The Sound of Music, movies by Hayao Miyazaki, and Interstellar.  She also loves astronomy and enjoys going to the Franklin Institute’s Planetarium.  She is really looking forward to watching the Solar Eclipse on August 21st!  Olivia also enjoys hiking, fishing, swimming, beachcombing, drawing, painting and making friendship bracelets!

Olivia has a great love of animals.  She enjoyed taking care of cows, pigs, chickens, bunnies, goats, and alpacas at Journey’s End Farm Camp for many summers since she was 4-years-old.  Olivia’s love of dogs and cats inspired her to lead fundraisers for the SPCA.

Olivia has quite an adventurous spirit.  She has traveled nationally and internationally.  She most recently traveled to Spain and sailed the British Virgin Islands, which instilled in her a love of sailing, snorkeling and marine life.  Olivia would like to someday live on a sailboat and travel more of the world to learn about different cultures.

Olivia plans to continue her musical studies and would like to someday attend music school.

Finally, Olivia and her family would like to thank the ICAGP officers and community for the honor of being crowned Little Miss Philippines 2017 and wishes more power to this amazing organization and to President Fernando Dacanay.


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