N. Imperial

Nida N. Imperial, RN, President
Address:  1125 Daisy Lane, Bensalem, PA 19020

The Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia, fondly referred to as “The Council” is a federation of 25 member associations that serve Filipino-Americans in the Greater Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. FECGP acts as the coordinating body for the whole federation, led by the Council President. It is incorporated under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and is granted a 501c(3) tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service.

It operates under its own Constitution and by-laws, which was approved by all its members. The Constitution was last amended some 7 years ago.

Each member are independently governed by their own Constitution and by-laws and have their own projects and charities.  The member associations work together with other members to create awareness to the important roles they play in their communities.

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arrow green with textWith a storied past for the last 38 years, the Council have made significant contributions not just locally but also with projects in the Philippines.

Photos by: Philip Reyes
The highlight of events in the life of the Council culminates in the Philippine Independence Day festivities that occur in the early week of June until the Independence Day Gala Event.

Throughout the year, every month is highlighted with big and intermediate events put together, to serve the many areas of our local community. Some are religious in nature with a fiesta-like atmosphere linked to their home provincial events.

The members are also active in political events and coalitions in local government, state and federal levels.

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Thank you for your interest in the Council. We hope to meet up with you in one of our future events. Or you can mail us at: fecgp.editor@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About FECGP

  1. I attend most of the activities but I don’t have ideas on how it manage/coordinate the 25 organization’s and how they qualify to be a member. Aside of course by paying their yearly dues as an organization. And how it can help fellow Filipinos who needs assistance and help in our area. Is there a permanent or evolving committees ready to help at a given time. When emergency situation arrives, who are responsible contacts? Like who is responsible for Sports? Emergency response for calamities? Political action? Legal action? Parades and meetings? Projects (Ongoing). this one of course aside from election of officers. Bayanihan spirit on our blood is always present. Others can do it, others cannot but we know we are one. Mabuhay


  2. Gd evening to all members of post 1063 and FECGP we the Family of Tomas Claudio being the historical missionary of my Lolo is hoping for your support if you think I am not worthy of this misiion I pass over I had my part for lolo I am not a quitiee but tired I standown story my grandpa nobody likes me to fight for they have their own interest even in.the Mateos in Morong God luk grandpa I’m sory I Failed you


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