April 11, 2013

Hermie Update Banner April 2013

Thanks to all of you who supported the Pan Philippine Association, of Filipino-American Students at the University of Pennsylvania on their Annual Barrio Fiesta held last week. It was a wonderful event and as i gathered from the reaction within the auditorium is was better than last year’s. I am happy on that note because we always strive to be better every time we do something: personally or as we relate to our communities in events like this. Again, my congratulations to Gng. Linda Juliano, adviser to the PPA.  Photos by Lucy De Simone.

      We had a wonderful and fruitful meeting with Mayor Jay Gillian of Ocean City and Ambassador Bill Hughes former U.S. Ambassador to Panama. Consul General Mario de Leon, and Consul Zaldy Patron came from New York and meet up with our team: myself, Ferdie Aczon (USTMAATS), Ruth Luyun (VP and ICAGP President and Ferdie Luyun (Past President, FECGP). The meeting centered on the upcoming Tribute to the Philippines (see sidebar for details) which again will showcase our country to the visiting public in their beautiful seaside city and also to show everybody that Ocean City is. . . ready for action after the Hurricane Sandy hit their shores. Thank you Mayor Gillian for the very warm reception and to your wonderful team!

Photo by Ocean City Press Office

Photos by Philip Reyes

      FAABCI held another successful Annual Spring Dance last Saturday, April 6. FAABCI President Nida Imperial is very happy and thankful to all who supported their event.Every year they have faithfully supported their community project which is linked with the Pearl Buck Society reaching out to poor children in the Philippines. To date, their support have seen these children from elementary to college! What an accomplishment!

See you all tomorrow at the OSAC social hall for the Philadelphia Consular Outreach. We have featured a link where you can download PDF forms (see article above) and be ready with your paperwork. Tell your friends and let us all have an orderly and happy times together tomorrow, Saturday.
Thanks for your emails and calls for support to the coming renovation of the Bataan Monument in Camden. We need the money for this undertaken. It must be noted that last June 2012 the Council made major structural improvements to the monument. Your financial and moral support help us keep going on this project at the park.
Spring is always busy and see you around at our many events.

     Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! Happy Easter and enjoy your time with family.

Hermie Samaniego Aczon


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