We have moved some of our Editorials into our webpage because on a weekly basis, everything seem like a blink! So, here they are: you can always go back, read, and take your time.  Please leave us a comment at the end of an article or post. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “EDITORS’ NOTES

  1. Mr. Panes, I like all your articles. I find it very interesting how you remember old things and maintain the Filipino culture and heritage.
    especially your Quezon City/Kamuning/Cubao experiences. You are also a holy man, aware of the blessings from God that we receive in our daily existence, whether one is consciously aware or not. Most of the things are taken for granted but all the blessings are from the goodness of God. Thank you for the new article regarding gardening. The writer must have done hundreds of hours of research regarding the origin of the seeds. I am a gardener myself but to a very small scale. I have used the same source of seeds from my yard long beans (sitao) and bitter melon (ampalaya). It is a surprise that the beans look the same after planting them yearly for the past 36 years. The ampalaya for some reason became shorter and smaller but more bitter. It is also nice to know that Sherry Sorono has a Pilipino desert which is always fresh. I will surely order some kakanin the next time that I will have a family gathering. Thank you for your column and journal where I get the news of what is happening in our area. Again congratulations to you and your associate staff Mr. Luyun and to all the contributors to the journal.
    Sincerely yours. Eliseo V. Saldivar MD


    • Dear Dr. Saldivar:
      Thank you for your kind words. And stay cool because the heaat is inbearable. I write because I love to tell about my experiences and inspiring stories that people tell me. I have been invited to join the editorial staff of the biggest Greek-American newsmagazine in the U.S.
      I am also happy to tell you that watching NHK TV which is Japan’s “BBC” i learned to grow my tomatoes this year to almost 5 feet! Now they are having tomatoes that I do not have to bend over to harvest. I will email you some photos and tell you that you too can do it!
      Best regards to you and Mrs. Saldivar.
      How are your grandchildren? I love the glow in your eyes when you tell me they call you “Pop-Pop”.

      We visited our eldest son Adrian who is now at the Bronz Lebanon Hospital for his remaining year in school.
      Hopefully he will be a very good doctor just like you! The whole Team Update is happy to read your letter and inspired!



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