Everyday can be Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is special because it crosses cultural barriers and gets everyone into a “thanksgiving mood.” As a country with a cross cultural and ethnic population: we all get in the mood of just becoming “thankful” and with this we celebrate the day with gusto. We have become Americans and we all love Thanksgiving Day. There is so much to be loved and be thankful for our country! Every family, every town or city, churches, clubs and associations have their own way of showing thankfulness.

Unlike Christmas which has a more religious tone, “Thanksgiving” has evolved to be just a day to celebrate with family and friends. Each group had their own versions with a touch of what is “home”. Of course for Christians, it is still something deep: with an appreciation and remembrance of how the ocean-weary travelers on board the “Mayflower” set foot on American soil.

All of us have our own “Mayflowers” when we came into this country. Some came by themselves. Others came with their whole families. For some they came to America by “accident”. Take the case of the much debated issue of the day: Syrian refugees coming into this country and both sides of the political spectrum is already divided in trying to address this issue. Some of them are already in Lancaster, PA.


As Americans, we are welcoming to the oppressed, the hungry, and to those who come in peace and willing to change their lives for the better. Hopefully this immigration concern will be addressed properly so as we keep our country safe and our freedom intact.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our country is still strong. Our economy is getting back up. Finally Americans are waking up to the fact the buying American is still the key to keep us economically strong.

Even if sometimes some of us are disgruntled with what is happening in government because of politics, we are still one country and thankful that our strong law enforcement is in place. We can go to sleep knowing that tomorrow when we wake up we can all go to work, we kiss our children goodbye as they walk into bus stops and miraculously they call come back in the afternoon for us to share dinner and talk about the day.

Let us be grateful and with thankfulness in our hearts celebrate the day with positive thoughts that we can make this all together by becoming civil with one another as a society. Keeping our neighborhoods safe and clean and continue to have the faith in our government that somehow the people we have chosen to lead us keep their promises to us: and we do the same.

The words of President John F. Kennedy will continually reminds us:

Ask not what your country can do for you;
But ask yourself what you can do for your country.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day to all of you.