Heroes Among Us

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FB Photoshare by: Terry Uy Lo

       Any organization will always demand some kind of leadership based on their perceived and written rules as it applies to their membership. Animals have very strict rules in their organizational hierarchy: simply because they are ruled by instincts and not by reason. Among animals, the Lion is king: because of the strict compliance to what nature have imposed upon them. Next I would venture to say, are wolves.
       Humans on the other hand have evolved their leadership and organizational hierarchy and different demands. As we walked into our own history and experience the grace and horror of different kinds of leadership we realize that indeed were are human beings: different from one another.

       Hitler was a horrific leader. Locked in prison for instigating civil unrest in his native Bavaria, he buried his head deep into the book “Mein Kampf” which became the backdrop of how he would run things for Germany after his release.
       We all know that in a short time after his release; he became Chancellor of Germany. Solidifying  the young Germans to side with his ideology; he turned them into an unofficial army spying and turning even their parents convincing them that their “mother” is Germany and their “father” is Adolf Hitler. [The Fuhrer]
       The Pharisees and the Sadducees imposed their rule upon members of their synagogues in Jesus’ time. Acting like they were personally appointed by God, they follow the law and would sentence anyone to die by stoning when anyone cross the line.
       When finally the grace of God fell upon our world through the words and revelations straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ: the whole Jewish establishment was shaken. “Who is this man?” they asked. “If he is the Son of God, why does he sit on the table with sinners and tax collectors?” Jesus’ arrival was a shocker for those who have been so rested upon their comfort zones: until Nicodemus walked through the night and sneaked into Jesus’ camp and asked? “Rabbi, what shall I do to be born again?’
       We have been talking about changes within our Council. For sure there will be upheavals. There will be questions. Some would be unhappy and even probably walk away. But for whatever reason we have to accept the fact that we have to be open to changes and to consider those changes: as changes that not only we can believe in, but also in the process become that change that we so desperately seek. It is now evident that our young professionals are wanting to become members of our Council. We have spent so much time on our comfort zones.
To quote our photo poster for this week: “Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond our faults, cry behind close doors and fight battles that nobody knows about”. As I navigate within our communities scattered in our area of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, with so many different associations representing ourselves, I have personally witness people that falls into this category of humble greatness.
       They never ask or were given recognition, or did they ever nominate themselves or told their friends to promote or nominate them for some glorious awards that others so vehemently pursue with wanton desire.  These are our silent heroes that can put a smile on God’s face. These are the people that if you are lucky to know them, are real blessings.
       They are the people that will continue to hold on to what is beautiful, truthful, faithful and honestly working hard for their communities. They will walk us through the next phase in our community activities long after the others were called to go into the “Great Beyond.” Because as I have earlier mentioned, they chose just to be on the sidelines and never on the headlines.

In Matthew 20:16, Jesus said: “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many will be called, but few chosen.” These are words we need to ponder as we enjoy our weekend with our families and friends.   

Have a nice weekend!


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