Life is a “Balancing Act”

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Our lives it seem have become busier than ever. At times, we thought we have morphed ourselves into automatons because of all the technology around our home and workplace. The reality is we are humans and we do things one after another; one day at a time.

I think that we made ourselves to believe that we are doing more, that we have achieved more and that we needed to do more. In the name of what?  I really do not subscribe to this idea because although we have all the automation and the computers and modern tools at our disposal, the fact still remains that we haven’t won any war after World War 2, not even with our “smart bombs” and “smart whatever.”

Bicycle and Cargo

We have not sent a man to Mars after Niel Armstrong landed on the moon and for heaven’s sake that was way back five decades ago. So what have we been doing? I think everybody is stuck on the computers, tablets and iPhones! Maybe, everybody is just too busy which is always the case.

Life is actually a “balancing act” which we all do on a daily basis: there are things we finish and things undone and we make it through the day and promise ourselves to do better the next day.

We make compromises, alterations and revisions to our plans. Sometimes they happen like what we want them to be, but sometimes, they don’t. Still is not the end of the world. So don’t worry! We do not want to die of stress. This is especially true if what you are doing is a “solo act”.

“Cooperation and Teamwork” is the key to our success. I heard many times that some people are about to “throw the towel” because they felt so alone working on a project and no one is available to lend a hand. We can achieve more if we help one another especially if the project is a group effort. We need Teamwork because a team is supposed to be working together.

Look at the dramatic photo, I chose for this editorial: imagine the volume and the weight of what they need to deliver. The biker operates the motorcycle to push the cart and also have to control the speed so things won’t start falling all over the road.

Imagine the effort exerted by the one on the right acting as the “balancer” as the cargo swings either to the right or to the left, in which case he needed to adjust. What a beaming example of teamwork for these two guys.

Let us not forget the spirit of teamwork” as we approach the biggest event of the year which is our Philippine Independence Week this coming June. The President is already forming Committees and if you want to be involved please come forward. Let’s take time in the planning and implementing the strategies to make this year’s event very successful.

The Bible is very clear with how we needed to be careful with managing our lives and our times. In our hurried lives let us not just accomplished what we needed to do but also to do what is right in the eyes of our Lord because the fruits of our labor becomes even more meaningful. That way, what we have built will not crumble like sand castles or a house that is built of sand. Together we all make the FECGP stronger as we celebrate our 40th year anniversary.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

                                                                                – Psalm 90:12



6 thoughts on “Life is a “Balancing Act”

  1. This is you, Guids? You’re a genius! The truth is, the article didn’t affect me much as i am a laid back person knows no much about high technology. The picture was truthful, touching and sad but most of all, the psalm was beyond a reality, “count ur days ” . We must work on each day, as if this is the last. Great work, friend. Wish we’ll have more.


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