Our differences is what defines us as a Nation

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May 4, 2013  |  Editorial Photo |  An FB Share photo by Mikoy Arandela: Pottery Laguna.

I look at this beautiful display of pottery and I am amazed at the skills of the potter. I cannot help but admire their beauty and their differences.  Each one is different in shape and colors and each have an intended purpose.  In god’s hands we are the clay, and God is the potter.

Some will be used for utilitarian purposes which is like storing drinking water, something that I really like about spending summers with my Lolo in Capiz. We enjoyed water and getting them to our glasses or cups in a “sandok” until somebody revealed a sinister and diabolical scheme that in a few years, even people in the mountains have to haul their drinking water all because we are now scared to drink water from wells and streams. What happened?

Pottery May 3

This is the result of unabated pollution that just contaminated our water sources. The more reasons that indigenous indians in the highlands of Peru are battling to keep an international mining operation out of their mountain towns to guarantee that their water will always be “drinkable” as it is for thousands of years until today!

Another lesson I learned looking at this marvelous parade of pottery, all begging “please buy me now!” is how it relates to us: as a people, as a society, as a country.

We are so different from one another and yet we almost function daily like a legion or an army to the fruition of the intended purpose of our country. Our families are so different from one another; even our sentiments and outlook in life.

But there is compelling reason that although we are so different we need to be one when it comes to securing the peace of our community. We all need to be together to move ourselves up for better economic opportunities in our society. We need to have one voice as a nation, instead of harking to different “calls” which resulted in such ugly events like what happened in a small town in Rhode Island, or the marathon in Boston, or 911 in New York.

Our nation’s emblem is emblazoned with the words: “Et Pluribus Unum”, Latin for “Out of many, One”.  This is our greatest strength: we are the only country in the world with so many people coming into one place and we built a nation that went beyond the Bicentennial and still growing strong.

We are paying a high price for that. Our son served in Afghanistan and I knew of friends whose sons served in Somalia, Iraq and beyond. We all took the Oath. We we ever been faithful? Were we ever true? This is our adopted country, but is now our home and the one real country of our children.

I still look back three summers ago when I went to my son’s school and sat down in all his classes for the day; talking to teachers and as teachers dutifully do their work: I see bright eyed kids looking and listening intently to every word their teacher said. From their ranks will come future leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and tradespeople. These are the kids that will someday shape the future of America.

And as we work to give back to our communities through our Council, let us not forget to count our many blessings. A popular church hymn goes with these words:

When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one.



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