The Power of Group and “Togetherness”

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I do not want to add more to your frustrations about this long winter and the snow with this photograph. What I want to show to you, our dear readers is the fact that soon this will be over and all the while we keep complaining.
      Look at this group of sheep, dutifully making their way into a feeder barn where they will enjoy their feed and huddle with one another for warmth. This is also true for us, especially for those who are lucky to have big families where they could gather, tell stories, watch a movie and enjoy some home-cooked meals as winter takes its toll outside and beat everybody with the harshness of its elements.
     As humans we complain a lot. As Americans the complaining is taken to a new level of just being angry at almost anything.  Look at the pay-per-view channels filled with the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Christine Maddow, and other political and economic pundits that dominates the broadcasts. This actually makes us more confuse confronting the many issues on a daily basis: from home security, joblessness and many more.
Sheep in snow

     We could choose to look on the positive side of things. Because we are a democracy, we accept things when after elections, we accept that “the people have spoken.” Squabbling and petty bickering will not take as anywhere: as a country, as a people, as a community.
     There must be some petty jealousy and bickering in this group of sheep, but surely whoever they have “elected” as their leader, they follow and they keep moving in an orderly fashion. Surely, they can achieve more, and cover a great distance as they keep toiling and finding their way through the extreme weather in this brutal winter atmosphere. To disagree and walk away from the herd will only mean isolation and death in this cold environment.
     I like to think that in the same token, there are are many parallels in this photo with what is happening in our Council. The Council is an interesting entity as it is composed of executives from the many member organizations. They are executives because presidents and vice presidents and lead representatives of member associations represent their membership into the Council.
     Add to that the by-laws that govern the Council, which gives autonomy to each member as they choose to abide by the provisions and projects of the Council. If a member opts not to support a project, they can do so because as a representative Council, everybody has its voice and its votes.
     Through the years, our Council have proven to be effective:  taking on projects and activities that served our people. Amazingly politics and individualism and divisiveness dissolve as members cooperate with one another and in the process brings into fruition projects that are enjoyed by our Fil-Am community.
     This is a wonderful achievement of our group effort because the Council was conceived with the idea to serve, not to promote personal or individual agendas but a group effort towards something that is tangible, useful and beneficial to our people.
     This coming June we have a big Independence Day event that will span two weeks, with mini events in between.  Let us continue to work together and help one another in the many committees that will be working to make this year’s event a success.
     We are surrounded with success stories and successful people. We learn from one another. From childhood to adulthood, even in our retirement days, we never stop to learn and work together to achieve great results. One of the “Men who built America” was Henry Ford remembered with this quote:
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford



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