IBC Medical Missionary joins Guatemala Team

AUC Medical Students Help with Medical Outreach in Guatemala this summer of 2012.  Ray Adrian Abarintos of AUC and of International Bible Church wrote to us of his wonderful and exciting trip with our students and the team to Guatemala.

“It is really an eye-opener and just to be with the team and people that really needed medical attention is such a joy; especially that we are also bringing with us the message of hope and salvation in the name of Jesus!”  he wrote.

The plans for our outreach to Guatemala were going well until a few days before departure.  Tropical Storm Issac  played havoc with the travel plans of our 12 medical students from the American University of the Caribbean from Sint Maarten.

After  some  delays,  all arrived.  2 doctors and 3 nurse practitioners mentored the students.  Our pharmacist was also entering medical school at AUC.  370 patients were treated with  2000 free  prescriptions  being  filled. Our potential patients from El Carmen were unable to attend the clinic due to a mudslide in the road.

This was our first time to be able to worship with the church in El Tesoro.  It has grown from 10 to about 200. Dr Laib had the opportunity to preach.

Many people rededicated their lives to the Lord. There were about 145 decisions for Christ between the clinic and the church.

The ladies of the church prepared a delicious lunch for us of their traditional “caldo” or chicken soup, that was prepared for special occasions.

We also visited Andrew and Becky Loveall’s school, Escuela Integrada, for indigent children in Antigua. We also took a tour of Antigua.

Places to consider for 2013 missions are: Thailand, South Africa, Guatemala, Malawi and Cambodia. Interested? email to Helen@circleoflovefoundation.net

(Excerpts from the Circle of Love Foundation Newsletter)


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