Filipino American Association of Bucks County, Inc.

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President: Grace L. Arnaiz, RN
Mailing Address:
Tel. 215-630-5403
E-mail:   leanodengah@yahoo.com
Click here to view FAABCI’s 2015 “Pasko sa Nayon” book.
Almost 41 years ago in December 1973 a group of Filipinos headed by Ruben Admana held a Christmas party at the Holiday Inn in Bristol, Pennsylvania attended by all the Filipino residents of Bucks County and turned out to be a big success. This important event triggered the birth of what is now known by everybody as The Filipino-American Association of Bucks County, Inc. (FAABCI). Since its founding FAABCI made its mark within the our Council as one of its most pro-active members.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the recent “Pasko sa Nayon” event held at the Radisson in Trevose, PA; FAABCI’s work was highlighted with a slideshow presenting their work with underprivileged children in the Philippines. Grace Leano Arnaiz was also sworned in as the new president.

During the year, FAABCI participates in many events around the community and work closely with other members of the FECGP.  We encourage our members to send it their photos for us to select for publication.

Immediate Past President Nida Imperial reports: FAABCI have been sponsoring children in the Philippines through Pearl S. Buck International for several years now and FAABCI Board Member Norma Yabut regularly visit hese kids every year. Last February 16 & 17 Jay and myself, Rick and Norma Yabut with the staff and Director of Pearl S, Buck International Manila visited 13 children; 8 of them sponsored by FAABCI.

Since this was my first time to visit the kids I was so excited and emotional. I cannot stop the tears of joy and happiness and was able to interviewed them:  how they are in school and how they feel that they have a sponsor.

They told us that they are lucky and life has changed and they are inspired to study harder to have a better future. They were equally thankful with our little “pasalubongs” and the Christmas money that we always give for the holidays.

We could not forget the warm welcome of their families who proudly showed us their Posters outside their doors saying Welcome FAABCI members. Our 2 days visit in Subic Bay, Zambales, Pampanga and Bulacan was a very unforgettable and wonderfully special.

One of the Kid presented us his gift: an artwork from school saying “Thank You FAABCI for sponsoring me. Hope and wish that we could join the Yabuts every year and them again. Please if you could try to sponsor some more of these unfortunate children in the Philippines.”

FAABCI’s support of the Amerasian and Filipino children in the Philippines has become its major commitment. It has collaborated with Pearl S. Buck International, as The  non Profit international child assistance agency set up by Pearl S. Buck in 1964. The foundation initiated services in the Philippines in 1968. A majority of the children in it’s programs are Amerasians. The half American children whose fathers have abandoned them but now it’s mostly the Filipino children. FAABCI has sponsored 4 children started by Marcial Mariano until to the present we have now sponsored 6 children until they graduated from High School. Three of them are in college 1 being supported by Mr. & Mrs. Stella & Marcial Mariano and 2 are supported by Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Norma Yabut.

In support of its goals, FAABCI celebrates the annual Pasko sa Nayon (Christmas in the Village) as a major fund raising event and our Spring Dance. For the last 38 years and 17 years it has been well attended by our Kababayans and Friends in which the FAABCI members and officers present cultural dances in December choreographed by Winda Almazan.


Officers 2015-2017

President:   Grace L. Arnaiz, RN
Vice President: Luisa Arocena
Secretary:  Faye Pascua, RN
Treasurer:  Myrna Montenegro, RN
Auditor:  Tina Rosales, RN
P.R.O.:  Lito Gelviro
Business Manager: Allen Villarin
Board of Directors
Greg de Loria
Marie Dimalanta
Dr. Bing Javier
Stella Mariano
Marilou Orgasan, RN
Sonny Tarampi
Norma Yabut, RN
Dr. Alex Valdellon
Advisory Board
Jay Imperial
Nida Imperial,RN
Marcial Mariano
Joe Montenegro
Dr. Nini Tarampi
Engr. Doy Tuvida


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