FAABCI Pasko sa Nayon 2014: A Celebration of Inspiration, Love and Service


By: Sherry Sorono |  Seven years ago, Nida took the cudgels of leadership of the Filipino American Association of Bucks County, Inc.  Since that time Imperial, never look back: and last December 5, she bade goodbye to her beloved FAABCI after serving the membership for seven long years.

“It seemed like yesterday.” she quipped, adding “I am blessed with having the right people around me that made the job bearable when at times I really wanted to throw in the towel. In the end i learned to love the gift of serving others and I owe it to the inspiration that I have learned in the process of becoming President.”

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She picked up from his predecessor, the hardworking Rudy Abarintos who took the leadership at a time when FAABCI really needed the proverbial “shot in the arm.”  Working in partnership with Pearl S. Buck International Foundation, she increased the sponsorship of underprivileged children in the poor area of the Philippines from 4 to 8.

The Pearl S. Buck International have offices across Southeast Asia; in Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Primarily, PSBI attended to Amerasian children fathered by American servicemen and left behind. Over the years they expanded they sponsorship to underprivileged children coming from poor families.

The program is well attended to by Nora Yabut, chairing the committee by their yearly visit to the Philippines with husband Rick. This year, they were accompanied by Jay and Nida Imperial who witnessed first hand the concrete results of love and concern showered by FAABCI members to their sponsored children.

“It is so inspiring to see that a child we sponsored many years ago have finished school and now helping financially her parents and siblings. I can’t help but cry at our first meeting; their hugs almost melted our hearts.” Rick Yabut was ecstatic as he shared their experiences to us.

They were so touched by the warm reception of their sponsored children’s families; they even hand painted posters and signs to welcome us: thanking us personally and FAABCI for taking care of this most essential part of their lives: education.

“It reminded us of the saying: “You give someone a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Jay was emotional as he showed photos of these children whose faces glow with happiness and appreciation. “You just see that feeling and you know that it penetrated your heart.” he added.

During this year’s traditional Annual Pasko sa Nayon, FAABCI presented a slide show during their big event at the Radisson Hotel and conveyed the message of caring for underprivileged children; with the audience having much deeper appreciation of the international project that FAABCI had involved themselves.

Listening to the first-hand testimony of Abegail Morales, is indeed inspiring and have reenergized many to continue supporting the PSBI program. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.


3 thoughts on “FAABCI Pasko sa Nayon 2014: A Celebration of Inspiration, Love and Service

  1. Thank you for sharing the Filipino American Association of Bucks County, Inc. (FAABCI) way of helping our needy children in the Philippines. We hope that other Filipino-Americans sponsor some kids through Pearl S Buck International. For information on how to sponsor a kid visit
    http://www.psbi.org Tel: 215.249.0100


    • Hello Mar: what FAABCI started is now the benchmark in sponsoring children among our member assns. Sponsorships needs monitoring and the way your assn. managed these sponsorships allow donors to keep track with the growth and development of the sponsored child. Hopefully, we an elevate the level of awareness from people in our community and sponsor more children and see them pass through the grips of poverty and become useful citizens Thanks for your kind comments.


  2. Sherry and Freddy, Thank you very much for spreading FAABCI’s goal to help the needy children in the Philippines. We created a link – a link that can only be long and endless if WE the FILIPINO-AMERICANS in USA sponsor a child to educate and nurture that kid to become responsible citizen. Don’t’ let that link die.
    Faith to GOD, hope and love will guide us in doing the right things.


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