Ilocano Cultural Association of Greater Philadelphia

ILocano Dacanay Box

Ferdnando Dacanay, C.P.A., President

Mailing Address:
3720 Rosemont Avenue, Drexel Hill. PA 19024

Telephone No. 484 995 1359


Website:   No                                   Email:   ferddcpa@aol.com


Past Presidents: Fidel Bautista, Bel Lopena, Elizabeth Polutan, Ferdie Luyun, Wlly Idnay, Cesar Manguba, Paquito Foronda, and Nellie Birog-Naoe.


Many important decisions in world politics or international business were sealed through handshakes after several rounds of golf, so they say. Among Filipinos, many brotherhoods had been forged over rounds of San Miguel. Myth as it was, the Ilocano Cultural Association was organized in 3978 from a round table session of a group of Ilocanos, namely: Paquito Foronda, Amante Barba, Cesar Manguba, Fernando Dacanay, A! Calubayan, Flor Manguba and Primo Dolor.

Together with their families and friends, they formalized the incorporation of the association. Paquito Foronda was elected charter president. Solidarity was not their primary mission but sensitivity to the needs of their fellowmen in the far-flung areas of the Cordillera ranges and Cagayan Valley by raising funds to help alleviate the educational needs of the indigent youngsters in the Ilocos region.

Knowing such project entailed laborious efforts, the idea of sponsoring a pageant for young girls was conceived by Amante Barba. The initial pageant in May 1984 was successful and colorful with many participants culminating in the triumphant crowning of the first “Little Miss Philippines”; Dharnel Bautista.

Every year a “princess” was proclaimed winner through competition and crowned. Proceeds from the pageant were used to sponsor scholarship programs in the Philippines, donated to charitable institutions like the Red Cross, provided free annual summer picnic and children’s Christimas party for all Filipino-Americans in the Delaware valley. The association was not only recognized by the Ilocano community, but also by other ethnic Filipino communities supported their cause.

Soon membership was no longer limited to those with Ilocano lineage. In 1991, a new concept was introduced to the “Little Miss Philippines” pageant. Competition was eliminated the dreadful victim of usual fierce rivalries. Personalities supervened and animosities developed not only among the families of the candidates but also among their supporters. Friends became enemies. Through the recommendation of Cesar Manguba and Dr. Albert Salvador, it was agreed upon by the administrative officers in 1991 to preselect the successful candidate provided the family of the candidate should guarantee proceeds from the affair to finance the yearly projects of the association. The idea was welcomed with enthusiasm by many families with candidates lined up years ahead.

Sadly, it was also during this year that the trophy for the “Little Miss Philippines” was named Amante Barba memorial trophy to commemorate his contribution on this annual event. The association also collaborated with the Philippine Medical Society of Greater Philadelphia in all their affairs. The organization was very supportive of the Filipino Executive Council since it revived its yearly Philippine independence dinner dance in 1989 during the presidency of Dr. Nanciaceno Largoza.


Officers 2015-1017

Fernando Dacanay

Vice Presidents
Warrem Bautista
Aurelia Aboyme
Dr. Ferdinand Aczon

Lala Borres
Imelda Itchon

Dr. Lita Manguba
Elgene Morales

Gerry Cabatu

Assistant Auditors
Ninfa Caliguiran
Beth Dizon

Business Managers
Nida Imperial
Brittany Luyun
Mariel Aboyme
Mia Borres

Rey Borres
Cora Arcano
Amada Robertson

Peace Officers
Robert Itchon
Max Mamaradlo
Delfin Shapit

Poard of Directors
Dr. Eliseo Saldivar—Chair
Lorelei Laurencio– V. Chair
Dr. Connie Alcantara
Dr. Evacueto Tangco
Dr. Mike DeCastro
Dr. Aida Nunez
Armand Magundayao
Oliver Lopena
Mar Cargado
Medy Arevalo
Angelo Arocena
Jay Imperial
Elias Layos


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