Message from the PNAA Regional VP, Eastern Region

Nida and Mads Pic

In behalf of all the Eastern Region we thank all of PNAA EB and Committee Chairs, and members who traveled far and wide to give us support and enjoy the hospitality offered by the A-Team planners of PNARVA: Cora Marasigan, Marj Mohta, Dhol Tuason, Tita Bonzon, Monica Pioquinto, Eden Canite, Agnes Kirton, Imelda Raguindin, Divina paquiz,  Annie Deza, Margaret Pobre, Josie Abalos, Mila Aguilar, Belle Villanueva, Claire Tagle-Fox, Jeff and Rumy, and many of their members and family who made it all happen.

I was very impressed by their dedication and commitment to produce a topnotch regional conference, in spite of their small numbers.

It tells us all tha ta young chapter with a few dedicated members can make great things happen and create a spectacular event just like the one we just experienced at the 18th ERC in Richmond, Virginia.

The comments from many of you, President Letty Hermosa, Treasurer Jeanette Livelo, Parliamentarian Leo Jurado,  Executive Director Lolit Compas, PNAAF President Merlita Velasquez, RVPs Mindy Ofiana, Romy Devera, and Bessie Schiroky are all glowing and appreciative of the efforts put forth by the PNARVA team and the ER Chapters.

I will not repeat them in this email, but will forward to all the members of the eastern region all your thanks and recognition for a job well executed to thank them for such an excellent exemplar of the mantra to Lead, Empower and Transform.

I would also like to congratulate the winners who exemplify these goals of PNAA:

Lead– Nida Imperial PNAPA for her leadership

Empower-PNARVA  for empowering themselves and their members to create such an excellent production.

Transform– PNA Metro DC for transforming their chapter from the shadows to prime time. It is tgheir time to shine, and they took the challenge of hosting the next national convention with great bravado. Thank you Nora, Lorna, and team. We will together produce a national convention that will be remembered for ages as celebration of Pres. Hermosa’s accomplishments and the start of the new administration of Dino Doliente.

and last but not the least, the MVP = our COPRR, and PNANJ President, Belle Villafuerte for the numerous accomplishments she has done for PNANJ and for the Eastern Region.

I salute all the winners and challenge the rest of the chapters to surpass these achievements.

PNARVA, enjoy your moment in the sun, you deserve all the accolades! Special mention to the very artistic Dhol Tuason and company. It was the best gala ever. You now have upped the ante very high.

ER Presidents, please share our success with all your members because they are all instrumental in these outcomes.

Many thanks to Dr. Rey Rivera and Dr. Glo Beriones for the exciting Leadership Institute, and a great education program. Rey, you fascinate me with all your skills and knowledge that you share with our members.

Thank you, Ate Lolit Compas for the guidance.

With heart full of pride and gratitude,

Your ER RVP,

Madelyn Yu