PCSNJ Filipino and Leadership Summer Program Awards 21 Certificates

PCSNJ Kids Program 2013

Linda B. Juliano, MS Ed, Director and Chairperson, Educational Committee, Summer 2013

In spite of the very hot and humid weather last July 8 to 10, twenty-one Filipino heritage students in the elementary and high school levels, attended  three- full-day Filipino and leadership program held at the Philippine Community Center in Stratford, New Jersey. A certificate of completion were awarded to these students last Saturday, July 13, 2013.

This annual PCSNJ summer program covered topics on “Phil History, Language and Culture” by Ernie Arcilla, “Learning new Filipino words with proper pronunciation and communication” by Ruben Alvarez, “Filipino poems ad songs” by Chel Rodriguez, Filipino National Emblem and Learning Filipino Grammar by Linda Juliano, “Leadership in School and in the Community” by Myra Ortega, “Managing your Money Allowance” by Maria Ramos, “Cooking Pancit” with Lenny Perez, “Arts and Crafts by Jingkie Aseron, and Filipino games of “tumbang preso”, “Iring iring” and “Aso”t Pusa” by Melissa de Leon.

The students rated the program as excellent and some of their comments are as follows;  love this summer camp; very knowledgeable on finance and savings; had fun letting people who I am even though I am different, doesn’t mean I am weird; learned to be myself; love how to make pancit; learned the Phil national emblems; the film on “Tingala sa Ibaba” which is about how a private schooled boy communicated to a public schooled boy, made me grateful of what I am now.

It was very fun learning new songs from the Philippines. Some Filipino words, the songs were very catchy; do a great job next year; you should play with Peter, to work together – my favorite part was the “together” songs.

  • Alphabets and pronunciation – taught us that there are different ways to say Filipino words, alphabets, names of parts of body,how to pronounce, alphabets for proper names instead of using th, you use the t sound and some sounds of words have higher/lower ranges, great teaching new things.  Grandma in the Phil is “Lola”.
  • Arts and crafts –  (Students took their decorated mirror home for their parents) you can make anything out of anything.  Be creative.
  • Hopia-making – fun to do; I liked how they picked volunteers to participate and help with the baking. I learned how to make hopia; I loved them, fun to do.

A certificate of completion was awarded to each student and a certificate of appreciation to our resource persons who all came prepared and volunteered their “gifts of teaching” to the students.

Snacks and lunch were provided – thanks to Gloria Salugao (who by the way brought her 11 grandchildren to this workshop !!), Maria Camaiore, Bingle Tagle, Emma Sosa, Nap Juliano, and Liz de Leon, (incoming PCSNJ President).

At closing, students and parents were asked to continue communicating in “Filipino” and to do more research about the Philippines, its current happenings, language and culture.  Listening, singing and seeing short films were also encouraged.

Congratulations to the graduates of the PCSNJ Filipino and Leadership Summer Program 2013.



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