Philippine Nurses Association of Delaware Valley, Inc.

Belinda Reyes, RN  |  President
Mailing Address: 319 Val Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054  | (856) 802-0273

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by Delia P. Timonera, RN  |   PNADVI AKA FNA Filipino Nurses Association of Delaware Valley, Inc. was founded in 1984 by the late Norma Dejelo Ricafort RN, BSN, and CCRN.  On 1995, FNA’s name was changed to PNADVI under the presidency of Wilhelmina D’ Dumo RN, MSN, and NP & PhD in Psychology.

In 1997, Delia Paunil Timonera RN, BSN took over the presidency, she obtained the Certificate of Incorporation, Non-profit, number 010072 from the New Jersey Department of State & signed by Lonna R. Hooks, Secretary of State on November 6, 1997.  The name of this organization as Philippine Nurses Association of Delaware Valley, Inc. and referred to as PNADVI and the new Association’s Logo,  was amended and adopted at the Joy Palace Conference Room on Sunday February 28, 1999 under the leadership of PNADVI President Delia P. Timonera RN, BSN. Amendment was approved by 16 attending officers & members. An amendment to these by-laws was notarized & signed by the Notary Public of New Jersey.


The PNAA 2nd Eastern Regional conference -Y2K Nursing and Beyond was held at Days Inn at Mount Laurel, New Jersey. It was hosted by PNADVI and headed by Delia P. Timonera RN, BSN President, on November 6, 1999   & supported by the other PNADVI officers & members, teamed up with Leo Felix M. Jurado RN MA, CNA, CNS.C, then, he was the Eastern liaison Officer and PNAA board member. The conference was well supported by the other 5 PNA Eastern Region Chapter Presidents from New Jersey- Josephine C. Aparri, Hampton Roads, VA- Sol Aguinaldo, Metro Washington DC-Diana Comiso, and South Carolina -Sally de los Reyes Ani & New York.-Lorna Schneider.
One of the existing major fund raising of PNADVI is the yearly coronation of Ms. Florence Nightingale which was created by Ester Reyes, RN past President 1991-1993. She had contributed to the School for the Blind and provided financial aids for the Philippine flood and earthquake victims.

Yearly community services are being performed such as participating  at the medical mission in the various provinces of the Philippines by Ligaya Y. Bayna, RN and PNADVI  treasurer accompanied by her husband Ely and a one time  medical mission’s participation by Wilhelmina D’ Dumo MSN, Psy PhD and  Richard Palazzo. Yearly blood pressure screening, medical emergency aid committee during the Philippine Independence Picnic celebration in the Delaware Valley which is sponsored by the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia,Inc., the umbrella organization. Delia Paunil Timonera RN, BSN, PNADVI past  President has been the co-chairman and Coordinator since 2004 until 2008 of the Philippines Independence Picnic celebration which is being held at the Jose P. Rizal and Bataan Monuments at Cooper River, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Another important PNADVI’s goal is to provide the yearly $1000 scholarship award to each qualified Nursing student which was started in 2005 under the current President Aurora B. Polutan. PNADVI, through Aurora B. Polutan RN, she received the first & second donations of $5,000 each and the third time donations of $10,000 on October, 2007 from Mrs. Eleanor Read.  The donations are mainly for the nursing scholarships award purposes only. PNADVI is continuously participating to other charitable events in the US as well as in the Philippines once a year.

On March 29, 2008 PNADVI donated $1500 for Gawad Kalinga Village in Sariaya, Quezon, Concepcion province; it was handed to Dr. Rommel Rivera, FECGP President.     
Updated by Delia P. Timonera, RN July 30, 2012

OFFICERS (2014-2016)

Belinda V. Reyes

President Elect:
Joseph Abat

Eufemia Whitzell

Felma Francisco

Evangeline Anas

Business Managers:
Virginia Cortez
Alicia Halina

Public Relation Officers:
Maria Smith
Melinda Huggins

Advisory Council:
Ester Reyes
Wilhelmina D’Dumo
Delia Timonera
Mela Chatto
Felma Francisco
Aurora Polutan

Ms. Florence Nightingale:
Linda Limcaco
Delia P. Timonera RN, BSN 1997-2000
Mela L. Chatto RN, BSN 2000-2002
Felma D. Francisco RN, BSN 2002-2004
Aurora B. Polutan RN 2004-2010
Heide Fernandez, RN 2010-2012

Ms. Florence Nightingales-Philippine Nurses Association of Delaware Valley, Inc
Cora Andres, RN (Deceased) 1991-1992
Wilhelmina D’Dumo RN, MSN, Phd in Psychiatry 1992
Delia Paunil Timonera RN, BSN  1993-1994
Rebecca Green Johnson RN 1994-1996
Mela L. Chatto RN, BSN 1996-1997
Mayda T. Federovtch RN, BSN, CCRN 1997-1998
Felma D. Francisco RN, BSN 1998-1999
Susan L. Fulginiti RN, BSN 1999-2000
Seny Asuncion RN 2000-2001
Emma L. Pacris, RN, MSN, NP 2001-2002
Yoli Castelo RN 2002-2003
Aurora Benignos Polutan, RN 2003-2004
Fe S, Isidro RN, BSN 2005-2006
Angel A. Decena RN, MSN, NP 2006-2007
Jasmine Rose Rasgo RN, BSN 2007-2008
Judy Anne Bongiorno BSN, RN 2008-2009
Jennifer Natividad Imperial RN, BSN 2009-2010

PNAA 2nd Eastern Regional Conference
Hosted by PNADVI headed by Delia P. Timonera RN, BSN, President. It was held at Days Inn Mt. Laurel, NJ on November 6, 1999.

PNAA 10th  Eastern Regional Conference
PNADVI hosted and  led by Aurora B. Polutan RN, President held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ on October 12, 13 & 14, 2007.

Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc.  30th  Annual National Convention:

Theme “the Dream, the Reality, the Promise, Looking through the PRSM”
July 15-19, 2009, Renaissance Harbor place Hotel Baltimore, MD, Philippine Nurse Association of Maryland Chapter & Philippine Nurses Association of Metropolitan DC

PNADVI: August 30, 2008 Had a happy and successful picnic at Washington Lake Park, Sewell, NJ

PNADVI: December 7, 2008 Christmas party at the Mandarin Restaurant, Cherry Hill, NJ.
PNADVI: May 1, 2009 Had a Successful Nurses  Week Celebration & Coronation of  Ms. Florence Nightingale 2009-2010, Jennifer Natividad Imperial RN BSN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jay &  Nida Imperial of Philadelphia, PA, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ, attended by Mr. Leo Felix Jurado-President of Philippine Nurses Association of America.


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